My first grade teacher once wrote on my report card that I was too sensitive and talked too much. I'm glad to say that's still true, and WHAT GIVES, MRS. CUNNINGHAM?

I started this blog when I was a flight attendant based in New York City for a major airline (start here). It was a really great adventure for a few years, but I got married and decided that I really liked living with my husband and not sleeping on chairs in the airport. It was a way to document my adventures, and encourage passengers to not take up an entire overhead bin with their purse and coat.

I am married to a sweet man that reminds me of the Gospel daily - through his kindness and patience toward me. He is really good at math, loves vacuuming, and loves finding the most efficient way to do things well and thoroughly. I struggle with basic multiplication, love musical theater, and leave a trail of bobby pins wherever I go. We are different, and far from perfect - but we love the adventure of learning each other and try to remember each day that our marriage is not about us.

Bryan & Fran: XO from Jessica Ross on Vimeo.

We just had our first baby - a little girl. We have absolutely no idea what we're doing, but it's fun trying to figure it out each day. With confidence and experience I can now say that postpartum hair loss is real and make sure you get a cover for the drain of your shower.

I love people. I love to know their stories - where they came from, and where they're going. One of the many things I love about Jesus is the way He noticed people. I love Him for more reasons than I could express in a few sentences, but am daily astounded by His grace and mercy and love toward me.

I am horrible at crafting. One time I tried to emulate a cute vintage-looking outfit and ended up looking like Mrs. Doubtfire -- so, no fashion showcasing here unfortunately. I usually eat things too fast before I am ever able to take a picture of it, and I once made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and discovered a piece of glass in it when I took the first bite. Just know this is not a food blog, but that I DO really love food.

This blog is nothing if not a perfect memory keeper of my archived grammatically-ruinous thoughts that I felt so sure of at the time. It began as a way to document my adventures as a flight attendant, and has lasted through meeting, dating, and marrying my husband. I've tried a lot of things to see what fits. I've used a LOT OF CAPITAL LETTERS. There are lots of posts with really horribly edited photos, posts where I was trying to come off as an expert of things (I'M NOT) and posts I read now that make me want to drain my eyeballs. I've tried to find my voice and make it a better voice and keep going even in the slow times. I've lost count of how many times I've thought of shutting the whole thing down. But I keep writing here because this is my place of first drafts, of wading through my thoughts, and a place for me to fail.

Storytelling is my favorite. That's what I'm trying to do. To make the ordinary refreshing. My hope is that you read my words and feel encouraged, entertained, or just relieved that you're not the only one that has walked down the hallway of a college classroom building with her skirt tucked into her underwear.