Garage Sale


I'm moving! Jk, only on the internet. I'm in the midst of (v e r y s l o w l y) moving everything over to Squarespace from Blogger. Everything should move over pretty seamlessly once it's up and running. Since I am particularly gifted at all website maneuvering (no), it's taking longer than I expected. But! I am really happy for the fresh start and have been working on some new posts that I'm excited to share. 

In the mean time while I'm trying to move everything over, I'm listening to a lot of Chance the Rapper, podcasts (especially this one), and babies occasionally screaming (when they both scream at once, it's a remarkably beautiful sound!)

After a refreshing hiatus, I'm back on Instagram

Happy Weekend e'erbody :)

The Birth Story of Amos Paul


I'm a very concise person.


I'm just trying my best to remember every little detail. I have great hope that one day Amos will read this and think, "Mom...did you really have to talk about your bodily fluids that much?" "Mom, I am so glad you shared this story of my entrance into the world"

A special thanks to Hanna for the beautiful photos - they mean so much to me, and so do you.

Without further ado....