The Birth Story of Amos Paul


I'm a very concise person.


I'm just trying my best to remember every little detail. I have great hope that one day Amos will read this and think, "Mom...did you really have to talk about your bodily fluids that much?" "Mom, I am so glad you shared this story of my entrance into the world"

A special thanks to Hanna for the beautiful photos - they mean so much to me, and so do you.

Without further ado....



Two years old is so crazy. The lack of a fully developed brain makes them completely irrational and also capable of hilarious magic thoughts to share. In the moment it makes me completely forget that I was just telling her for the hundredth time that she can't eat handfuls of butter or rub diaper ointment on her infant brother's face.

The other day we were in the car and started talking about pumpkins. I was trying to explain to Elsa what a jack-o-lantern was - I was telling her how fun it is to carve them and put candles inside. In my explaining I realized I wasn't sure why we do it, but neither of us seemed to mind. She quickly moved on to once again demanding requesting Hakuna Matata for the eight thousandth time and I felt myself slow down to try and remember it. It was one of those moments I felt in awe of what a privilege it is to be the one that gets to walk alongside her as she discovers the world for the first time.

I've been trying to keep track of and savor as much of this time - everyone only seems to mention how quickly it passes, so I'm trying to believe them every day and enjoy it in the midst of the craziness and messes. I've been writing things down as much as I can, and wanted to share a few of the toddler highlight reel.

A few of my recent favorites: