Camille + Spencer

I remember being shuffled around from one family friend to another while my mom was in the hospital the day she had Camille. I still remember the dress I wore to go meet her. A six year old anxious to meet her best friend. When I hear people worry about the age difference being too great between their children, I feel so quick and excited to prove them wrong. There are six years between us and our bond is sweet and special and always has been. Our family history is a complicated (but beautiful) tapestry of how God redeems brokenness and tells a better story. I've always been so grateful to be in that with her.

We are so different. My first grade teacher wrote on my report card that I was overly sensitive (still true, but SHE COULD HAVE SAID IT IN A NICER WAY) and had a tendency to be a bit dramatic (also still true). Camille was not afraid of anyone and was the type of kid that got a shots in both arms and just stared at the nurse without shedding a tear and said, "Can I pick out my band-aid now?"

I could go on and on for all of the reasons I love and adore her - so it goes without saying that I had high standards for the man she'd one day meet.

Two weeks ago, our whole family flew out (more on that later) to Colorado to see Camille marry Spencer. I actually like Spencer more than I like Camille now (LOL JK- but he is really wonderful). They complement each other so well - he's kind and patient and knows how important it is for her to have snacks every two hours (we have a history of hanger among the women in our family).

The day was so beautiful, and I felt so thankful to be there to witness the beginning of their marriage. I just know they'll do great things for God's kingdom and encourage others with their life together of what a gift marriage is.

I love you Messers!

Here are some dreamy photos by Victor Fossen of them being gorgeous and really into smooching:

*All Photos by Clickpicvic


It's Friday I'm In Love

It is blowing my mind that it's already September. I pretty much have no concept of what most temperatures feel like, but as years have passed I've realized that 72 DEGREES IS THE SWEET SPOT. It's like it isn't possible for it to be 72 degrees without a breeze. The humidity doesn't exist when it's around and I am constantly telling Bryan that 72 degrees with a breeze is my boyfriend. He's fine with it because our backyard is his girlfriend. Sometimes I can tell if he hasn't been listening to what I've been saying and I'll ask, "Are you thinking about the yard again?" and he says yes, with a twinkle in his eyes. I understand, Bryan. I do. 

Speaking of September and marriage...our anniversary is this week! FOUR YEARS ALREADY. Three moves. Two kids. It has been really fun. Let's go at least four more! (Kidding. Eighty years? JK I don't want to live that long. Whatever, I will just leave the duration of our lives up to the Lord). 

Here's a few things I've been loving this week/lately. AND A PLAYLIST! It has been a while! It's a good one.

Loving everything that Clare Elsaesser creates. I keep eyeing this one for above our entryway table.