The Birth Story of Margot Garcia


I woke up early the morning of my 39 week appointment. My ankles were freshly swollen (and I marveled at how far I'd made it without swelling, as I had a lot earlier in my previous pregnancies). Bryan and I were in a frenzy to get the kids dressed and fed and out the door to meet my mother-in-law so I could drive up to my OB appointment. I looked especially puffy, but I didn't think much of it since looking like an uncomfortable stuffed sausage is par for the pregnant course for me. Some women glow, and I just usually look like a tired gorilla by the end!

When I made it up to the office, I went about the usual routine -- pee in the cup (and all over my hand -- WHY IS IT SO HARD), and then come out to the scale to see how much weight I'd gained (six pounds in a week?) and then check my blood pressure (so high that the nurse got wide eyes and decided not to tell me the number). Just a week prior, none of these things had been an issue. The weight gain and the blood pressure and the swollen ankles were the perfect storm, though - and I knew what it meant. They weren't calling it pre-eclampsia, but it could definitely head in that direction. They hooked me up for a non-stress test (where they monitor the baby's movement and heart rate to make sure all is well) and I waited for my midwife to come in and tell me I would be induced that day. I was induced with Elsa and had a really positive experience, and it sounded like a way more delightful option at that point than having a stroke. So, PLEASE INDUCE ME.

Also, my first two babies were eleven and nine days past my due date, so a week prior to my due date seemed like some sort of magical realm I'd yet to visit. I felt good about the whole thing. The baby was fine, and the best way to address blood pressure issues at the end of pregnancy is for the baby to just go ahead and get out.

The induction was scheduled for later that afternoon, so I left the office quickly and went to my favorite place to get my hair done (PRIORITIES) and then ate Jimmy Johns because you know how much I love sandwiches and I knew they would starve me when I was in labor.

I WAS SO EXCITED. I texted pretty much everyone I knew and told them this was it. I was so excited to get the party started and finally meet my new girl. There is an actual shift in time and space at the end of pregnancy where every day feels like ten years and it's really hard to believe there will ever be an end in sight, and I couldn't believe it was already happening (DO YOU FEEL WHERE THIS IS GOING)...

The Birth Story of Amos Paul


I'm a very concise person.


I'm just trying my best to remember every little detail. I have great hope that one day Amos will read this and think, "Mom...did you really have to talk about your bodily fluids that much?" "Mom, I am so glad you shared this story of my entrance into the world"

A special thanks to Hanna for the beautiful photos - they mean so much to me, and so do you.

Without further ado....