Camille + Spencer


I remember being shuffled around from one family friend to another while my mom was in the hospital the day she had Camille. I still remember the dress I wore to go meet her. A six year old anxious to meet her best friend. When I hear people worry about the age difference being too great between their children, I feel so quick and excited to prove them wrong. There are six years between us and our bond is sweet and special and always has been. Our family history is a complicated (but beautiful) tapestry of how God redeems brokenness and tells a better story. I've always been so grateful to be in that with her.

We are so different. My first grade teacher wrote on my report card that I was overly sensitive (still true, but SHE COULD HAVE SAID IT IN A NICER WAY) and had a tendency to be a bit dramatic (also still true). Camille was not afraid of anyone and was the type of kid that got a shots in both arms and just stared at the nurse without shedding a tear and said, "Can I pick out my band-aid now?"

I could go on and on for all of the reasons I love and adore her - so it goes without saying that I had high standards for the man she'd one day meet.

Two weeks ago, our whole family flew out (more on that later) to Colorado to see Camille marry Spencer. I actually like Spencer more than I like Camille now (LOL JK- but he is really wonderful). They complement each other so well - he's kind and patient and knows how important it is for her to have snacks every two hours (we have a history of hanger among the women in our family).

The day was so beautiful, and I felt so thankful to be there to witness the beginning of their marriage. I just know they'll do great things for God's kingdom and encourage others with their life together of what a gift marriage is.

I love you Messers!

Here are some dreamy photos by Victor Fossen of them being gorgeous and really into smooching:

*All Photos by Clickpicvic

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