Nursing Favorites


Oh, breastfeeding! You beautiful and time-consuming, child-nourishing thing, you. It still amazes me just how complicated something so (seemingly) simple can be sometimes. Round two for us is going well so far, but I know to not stress this time when there are ups and downs along the way (like...biting! Or the fun thing when they get distracted and whip their head around to investigate a noise WHILST STILL LATCHED. Hold me Jesus). This time is also a little different in that I know what I like and what I don't - what works (for me) and what doesn't. I just thought I'd share a few things in case you needed some TLC for your boobs. Enjoy!

  • Lansinoh Therapearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy: I am not sure how new these are - but they must have only come out in the past year or so because I know they didn't exist when I was nursing Elsa. These! You can refrigerate them or microwave them in their pouches and they're a dream. Regardless of engorgement, plugged ducts, or mastitis - these are so comforting in the early days when your milk comes in and I'm so glad I had them this time around. Apparently they're also very helpful when you're pumping a lot (can't attest to that yet) - but they fit with the pump pieces.

  •  Medela Women's Slimming Nursing Cami: FIRST - this model makes me LOL. I love that they were like "make sure to choose a model with the body of Halle Berry! That's definitely what women look like postpartum!" - maybe some do, but I look like the Trunchbull right after I have a baby. I'm not even talking about the Trunchbull at school - I'm talking off-duty Trunchbull right after working out. Not cute. ANYWAY - good on you, Halle Berry model. Now - THIS TANK TOP.  I will forever sing the praises of the original favorite Target nursing tank (the Henley variety by Gilligan & O'Malley) - however this one is by far my favorite. It's a tighter fit, it has more support and it feels a little nicer for when I'm going out in public (you know, like three months after the baby is born when I decide to leave the house). 

  • Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads: I used disposable pads when I nursed last time - so many disposable pads. It was fine, but a lot of waste and a lot of extra money spent in addition to diapers and wipes. So far - I leak a lot less than I did with Elsa, so that definitely helps - but I am loving these! They get softer with each wash and I've been really pleased with them. I still bought a box of the disposables to keep in the diaper bag, but I wish I'd started out with these! 

  • Motherlove Nipple Cream: Trying not to think about how much lanolin Els ingested first time around. (I know it says it's fine, but it still freaks me out a little bit). It's also really thick and when your nipples are already sore, spreading it on them felt like unnecessary additional pain. I had a couple friends recommend this one and I LOOOVE IT. It's all natural and safe ingredients for mom and baby - and it's really soft and so much easier to apply. It's a tiny container but 1oz goes a really long way. They also carry it at Target! Win!

What are your favorites to make nursing easier/more comfortable in the beginning? 

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