It's Friday, I'm in Love


This morning, Elsa woke up before 6 am, screaming at the top of her lungs. JOY TO THE WORLD is what that is. She's fine, I guess she was just pretending to be a rooster or something? Later as I went to make her breakfast, she took it upon herself to remove her diaper and start playing with her poop (nononono). Please, try as hard as you can to not be jealous of our morning. She keeps things exciting at all times, that is certain.

We are in the midst of a brief interlude from monsoon season, and it kind of looks like summer (for the next five minutes until it starts raining again).

SPEAKING OF SUMMER - I MADE A PLAYLIST. (P.S. I had to switch Spotify accounts, so all of my playlists are now HERE). 


+ Bryan and I went to see Jurassic World and I LOVED IT. Granted, I love Jurassic Park more than most, but I was really surprised at how fun it was. I think I was just expecting it to be kind of awful like the second and third ones, but it was a good amount of nostalgia and lots of fun new things. WAY TO GO, GUYS! Anyway - look what all these zookeepers are doing

+ Making this for dinner because I'm on Day 18 of Whole 30 and I just kind of want to eat ten chicken pot pies. More on that later. (Also, I am freezing more bananas to make this dessert because it made me weep joy tears).

+ All 15 Pixar movies ranked from worst to best. I was in agreement for most of it, but I was so surprised what they ranked as number one! 

+ Sorry, Lululemon - I like Kate Hudson's workout gear better than yours and it's a fraction of the cost (praise hands). You get the first outfit half off (like a three piece outfit for $25), and I wear the pants all the time because they are maximum compression and I need all compression available. Amen. I hate it when I am "running" (I just started, and it's not pretty, but it's trying, so...) and I am constantly having to pull my pants up over my belly. Oh, is that just me? Whatever, just GET SOME.

+ HONEST COMPANY MAKEUP! I love all of their products (though I was kind of freaked out by the sunscreen reviews). 

+ LAURYN HILL COVERING NINA SIMONE. Everything I never knew I wanted.

+ And finally, some helpful tips on navigating the Farmer's Market.

Okay, okay fine - and a picture of my scrumptious tiny girl:

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