I put on my wellies and prayed against poison ivy and went to pick all of the flowers in the back yard. I have zero experience in thistle picking, and quickly realized that my hand was full of thorns and that's why there is only one purple flower in the midst of my haphazard backyard bouquet. I didn't get poison ivy,, THORN PRICKS FOR THE WIN.

We busted out the down comforter this weekend - because Elsa puked all over our other blankets, and because the first order of business when the temperature drops below seventy is to open the windows and bundle up at night. No one told me that it's virtually impossible to enjoy the bundling up part when your spouse's body temperature reaches over eight thousand degrees in the night time. I've already started to pray for my future entrance in the menopause phase of life - when both Bryan and I are so hot we begin to emit volcanic ash between REM cycles.

The trees in the back are starting to whisper a change of colors, and on Saturday the whole house clamored for chili and a bonfire. We didn't get to do the bonfire yet, but we had blackberry cobbler instead and all took turns trying to figure out who could write their name the best with their feet. We are special.

Summer has left us as everyone has settled back into the comfort of routine. The ubiquitous peony is being replaced by chai and pumpkins and scarves. All I want to do is drink coffee (that's every season), and PIN ALL THE AUTUMN THINGS. I also remember that Fall REQUIRES A SOUNDTRACK.

My go-to albums for fall change every few years - as I'm sure they do for everyone. When I was little, I picture my mom wearing heavy knit sweaters as we listened to The Cranberries and this Harry Connick, Jr. album. In college, I listened to a lot of Damien Rice, Rufus Wainwright and Ryan Adams. I also remember one fall listening to The Last Kiss Soundtrack over and over.

Here's what I have so far. Some old, some new - all perfect for brisk temperatures and the eager anticipation of October - the best month ever.


 What do you love listening to in the fall? Give it to me!