We've spent the past two weekends moving - it's just as exciting as it sounds. Throw an infant into that mix and I have every intention of not doing anything this weekend besides not moving.

My baby grows more scrumptious by the day (as evidenced below by her obvious love for Margaret Wise Brown, increasingly plump flesh rolls, and general miniature nature).

It's Friday, and I'm trying something new. It's called, "Write on the blog even if it is not profound or particularly good or about your wedding!"

I really love when people share the good parts of the internet. My favorite wide web curators are Joanna, Kate, and Grace.

Humbly, I share my own contributions of internet treasures - and hope you enjoy them.

+ In an effort to stop eating only donuts and diet coke, I started a "reset" over on The Eighty Twenty. There are meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists to make it easy to follow.


+ I just finished this book and have since decided that Emily Giffin is basically the Nancy Meyers of all chick lit. I feel like I should be ashamed but I am not. At all. Speaking of books, are you on Goodreads? It's my favorite.

+ My talented friend is now a Huffington Post contributor. Amazing.



+ I'm totally late to the party, but this is one of my new favorite blogs. Her photography is beautiful, and I especially liked this post.

+ If you need clothes for your little man, consider supporting Wildly Co's kickstarter. I think it's so exciting to see families stepping out in faith and creating something great. If they raise enough money for their fall capsule - they'll likely be adding a collection of little lady clothes. Also, each of the items are impossible to mismatch. Everything goes together. WIN.

+ I cannot run in running shorts (so much wedgie, so much thigh rubbing). My motto on that front is "make it tight, make it stay." Second of all, WHY are exercise tank tops so short? Everyone does not need to see my Wolverine-slashed stretch marks on my belly. RUDE. And third, I cannot pay $80+ on one article of clothing that I will sweat all over (side eye, Lululemon). What does this mean? Am I destined to only wear big baggy t-shirts that are covered in paint or hair dye and make me look like Rosie O'Donnell taking her dogs for a walk? NO. I REFUSE. All of that to say, I found what my sometimes-exercising body desired. MY NEW FAVORITE WORKOUT CLOTHES. First of all, it's co-founded by Kate Hudson and I am obsessed with her. When you sign up, you get an entire outfit for under $30. I got this outfit and I am am in love with it. The shirt is long enough! The capris do not budge, and they are cute! The quality is supremely good!  It is a membership - they send you new outfits you can buy at the beginning of each month, but if you're not interested you just skip that month. Really easy, and Fran-proof. More than anything, I want to support the company because I LOVE KATE HUDSON AND I WANT HER TO KNOW HOW SERIOUS I AM ABOUT BEING HER BEST FRIEND. Anyway. Try it and tell me if you believe me. (Hello, welcome to my blog - this was not sponsored, I am just a spaz about things that I like).

+ A FITBIT FOR BABIES? I think I'm going to pass and stick with the good ole fashioned baby monitor. But HOW FUN, it kind of makes it look like your baby is on parole!

+ If you're on Facebook, SO AM I!

What did you love about the internet this week? Share it in the comments, because I don't understand link ups and they give me hives!