The Eighth of September: Professional Edition

I (think) spring is finally here to stay, and the timing is perfect because I was swell-free until week 35 and now I daily find myself wondering if anyone else has seen where my formerly dainty ankles went? All that to say, I am thankful for flip flops. I'm also thankful that when I play or sing Beyonce, my daughter goes kind of crazy in the womb. So, she is definitely mine. 

Since it has been a lot of "here comes the baby in the baby carriage" around here, it was fun to look through our wedding photos and I realized I'd never gotten around to sharing them on here.

If you feel so compelled to humor me and my stretch marks and enjoy the documentation of our wedding photographers, here are a million photos of a day I really loved.

(And yes, you should listen to this as you do it. Or not. You get it.)
Reading the letter Bryan wrote to me. I read it aloud to everyone (are you supposed to do that?) and we all laughed and cried, and THANK GOD FOR MAKEUP, AM I RIGHT?
Visited a MAC makeup artist at Nordstrom the day before. So glad I decided to not go with the drag queen eyebrows he recommended in the trial. 
The "hold onto your boobs while your mom ties you in tight enough to not breathe, the dress on the shelf shot, my beautiful mom, and my sweet friend and sister saying "So glad you went with your own eyebrows!" respectively.

This was shortly after it finally stopped raining, and the tent was secure in the ground once more. Tornado warnings the night before your outdoor wedding are a great way to keep you on your toes. 
My sister Camille and I (also known as ebony and ivory), some of the best women I know, and Caroline - my sweet flower girl that sang Lion King during the ceremony and that's how I knew we made a great choice. (Lion King is one of my love languages). 
Sweet man politely reading the letter I wrote him quietly to himself. 
My dad walked my sister down the aisle in her wedding chomping on gum. This time we did a mouth check before walking down the aisle and much to his chagrin, I asked him to remove his giant sunglasses ;) Also, THE SKY, YOU GUYS
The golden hour, bridal parties vogueing, and Bryan's serious face are a few of my favorite things. 

My hair beginning to deteriorate, and Bryan whispering indistinguishable words in my ear pretending to tell me a secret but really it was just hot breath making me laugh a lot.

My stepdad is an amazing sculptor. That aluminum tree made my dreams come true. Yeah, that's dramatic. 
Middle two photos: My husband and mother-in-law surprising everyone (including me) with a choreographed medley they came up with like four days before? It was hilarious and awesome and I will be providing video documentation as soon as possible. 
And so begins my favorite types of photos: everyone losing their minds at the reception.

End scene.


  1. I have to have that silver tree in my life. And your bouquet. And maybe Megan's cool flapper dress. Ok, and that red door.

  2. I'm new to your blog and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it. You have a great voice, and these photos were amazing.

  3. I listened to Bey, I teared up at how beautiful your house is and I laughed at 'hot breath' and a commitment to your natural brows. I want more photos, I want videos, I want to creep like no one has creeped a wedding before.

  4. that is my favorite Bey song of all time, and I knew better than to hit play because I knew it would play on repeat all ding dong day long.

    Your wedding was incredibly beautiful.

  5. Goodness gracious, these are fantastic. Love them and love you!

  6. Absolutely stunning photos, Fran! What a beautiful day you had - and you and your groom were adorable together (and still are, duh).

  7. These pictures are just getting me so excited for a wedding - it really looks like the funnest day and you look so happy and beautiful. Also, I would kill to see that house in person. XOX

  8. Fairy tale wedding! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! And congrats on the baby coming soon!

  9. Holy cow, what a beautiful bride!! What state did you get married in? That is the most beautiful backdrop I have ever seen!!

  10. I think you're the most gorgeous person I've ever seen.

    Can we talk about the weather on our wedding days? We had a 100% chance of rain on our wedding day, but it stayed clear and sunny until the photographer finished the last shot. And then 2 seconds later the most severe thunderstorm I've ever witnessed hit us. Probably the one thing that went according to plan on that day.

  11. How beautiful! I love wedding day recaps, no matter how late they are. You look stunning and gosh, your parents' house is the perfect venue! What a perfect day you had!