Listen, I know winter has made just about everyone want to drain their eyeballs, but I've been surprisingly okay with it. The past two winters I was still flying. I was living by weather reports and praying it wouldn't snow so I didn't have to be stuck with angry New Yorkers on the tarmac at LaGuardia for three hours before being forced to go back to the gate. You know -- just praying that passengers wouldn't somehow try to blame me for the weather (which sounds ridiculous, but happened REALLY FREQUENTLY. PLAYA PLEASE). I was never sure if I'd be able to go home and would often end up sleeping on chairs in the airport and wondering when how much time I'd be able to spend with my friends and family before I had to leave again.

All of that to say, I know how much winter can suck and it gave me a really nice perspective on just how good it is to be stuck at home. Coupled with my plumping up like a little pregnant hen, I've actually enjoyed winter this year. 

It wasn't until crossing the threshold into March and realizing we were running out of things that were fun to do inside that I, too, started daydreaming about good old muddy spring. Even with my diaphanous winter skin (just kidding, my skin is this white all day every day), not wearing socks sounds really nice. 

Here's some music to play in anticipation of that first blissful weekend when it's warm enough to open the windows and clean our houses and we can finally move our sandals a little closer to the front of our closets and go take a long walk and come home tired and smelling like the outside world. (Music for cleaning is very important to me).

What jams have you been loving lately? Lucius has been my go to. 


  1. Cadbury Mini Eggs might be my all-time favorite holiday candy. Seriously, the best. Come on, Spring!

  2. Can't wait to listen to your playlist - definitely in need of some new music. I've been listening to this playlist lately --!/playlist/Winter+2014/94612319

  3. i've been eating the cadbury mini eggs by the dozen- oops! so glad spring is on its way