Naming a Person


At the beginning, when my uterus was still pretty small but I made up for it in bloating, Bryan and I went out for burgers. It was an incredible evening in which I was not repulsed by food, so I had to work really hard to not consume all of it in under five minutes. We started talking about baby names, which wasn't unusual because I've basically done it on every date we've gone on since we started goin' steady. It usually ends just as quickly as it began, because we don't agree on any names and then I spiral into despair at the thought of having a nameless human.

That particular evening in a miracle of the Lord, we chose a boy name and a girl name for our tiny fetus. We knew we wanted to find out if said fetus was a girl or a boy, and call them by name as soon as possible. They were names I'd had my heart set on for years and suddenly, Bryan loved them too. I think we were both dumbfounded, because it was so easy and that doesn't seem like something that should be.

We were really excited with our choices.

Our requirements were that they'd be strongly masculine or feminine.We didn't want anything that was too trendy, (because life is confusing being in a classroom with ten other kids with your same first name), but we also didn't want to sway so far in the other direction that our child resented us forever for naming them Bookshelf Dorsey.

Since neither of us are in the habit of keeping exciting things to ourselves regarding this pregnancy, we told our family right away. When we found out it was a little girlfran, we were basically ready to monogram everything.

Imaaaaaagine our surprise when, a little over a month later, Disney (FREAKING DISNEY) released a supremely cute movie just in time for winter called Frozen. That is all fine and well. Disney releases a lot of cute movies. Imaaaaaagine our surprise when one of the princesses in the movie shares the name of our unborn daughter. The name we chose so carefully and loved because every new baby doesn't have it, and it's beautiful and simple and strong.

In most instances, many people might have just chosen a different name and moved on. We definitely still have time to do that. The thing is, as soon as we found out she was a girl, we called her by name and really can't bring ourselves to imagine her as anything else. So we're keeping it. We will persevere through every assumption that we named her after a Disney princess, and I will pray every time we go into a mall that she doesn't lose her ever-loving mind when she walks by the Disney store and sees dolls with her name on them. At least we know what we can get her for Christmas every year until she's like ten, right? Maybe we'll get her little name cards to hand out to people that say, "No, I was not named after the queen of Arendelle. My parents named me before that movie." Maybe it really just won't matter in a few years. Maybe it will be on every monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids catalog from now until the end of time. OH WELL. Maybe I just need to let it go. (<--SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

We love you, Elsa. I hope your hair is as great as your forever assumed namesake's.

Tell me about your name or your babies' names. Is your name Bookshelf and you really love it?