It's Friday and I need to fangirl for a minute.

Spring seems like a most crucial time to have a new album to just wear into the ground. (Strategic release date for Justin Timberlake, right?) I am horrible at listening to songs all the way through. I drive most of my friends crazy (and now Bryan) because of this. If it's a song that I am obsessed with, I will listen to it almost exclusively over and over and over. Please just ask my dad about when I was in fifth grade and I listened to Spiderwebs by No Doubt about eight million times in one weekend.

Or, ask my cat Walter, who is clearly spewing curse words in his mind in this photo because I am playing "THAT SONG AGAIN, FRAN? REALLY?"

More recently in past years, I annihilated Florence+the Machine's first album, and a lot of Marina & the Diamonds. 

I can't choose a favorite song from Lungs. It's NOT POSSIBLE.

Eventually, the trailer for Eat Pray Love (UGH, EAT PRAY LOVE. NO.) came out and everyone wigged out over Dog Days are Over. And I was like, "YES, but do you feel it in your bones and does it make you want to throw yourself from a tree or moving car?" For some reason that was my test for if a person truly loved Florence Welsh. I am OBVIOUSLY dramatic when it comes to the music I love.

That's the funny thing about music. Sometimes you need everyone to know about it so you're not alone in your sentiments, but at the same time -- it seems necessary to be fiercely protective of it. 


I first heard Jessie Ware doing this this Bobby Caldwell cover (PLAY IT!) and it hit me slowly. It was just enough of a Sade vibe that I came back for more, and then before I knew it I am pretty sure it's in my top 25 most played along with Beyonce's Irreplaceable and probably an Ingrid Michaelson song from a poignant scene in Grey's Anatomy. 

To be noted: JESSIE WARE AND JESSIE J ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Even though they weirdly look very similar, and are both foxy and soulful British women.

Thankfully, I got my sister obsessed with her so now we can text each other in all caps about our infatuation. I've included two of my favorite songs of hers right now. Last night I made Bryan dance with me to Running in our kitchen. He humors me and I am thankful for that.


What other new music should I know about? Do you already love Jessie Ware? TELL ME ABOUT IT!