One of my best friends is moved out to California over a year ago. She understands how much I love when she texts me to say she saw Scott Foley in her neighborhood Starbucks again. Or how she sat next to Cary Elwes at a children's school recital, or running into the likes of Brooke Burke. As vapid as it may seem to some, WHATEVER, I THINK THAT'S SO FUN.

I love having famous people on my flight. I can't remember how many times I've heard my flight attendant friends talk about how nice Robert DeNiro is. My roommate from training had Whitney Houston on her flight once and everyone was afraid to ask her to bring her seat all the way up for takeoff.

One busy Saturday morning when I worked at Starbucks, I heard the unmistakable voice of Geena Davis ordering a latte. I got so flustered I added extra foam instead of no foam like she asked and I still live today with the regret of making Dottie Hinson's drink incorrectly. I'm still really sorry, Geena. 

I decided that how I first met Susan Lucci fourteen years ago deserves an entire post of its own. 

For now, just know that I had her on my flight recently and embarrassed myself when I told her how the first time I met her was when I was in eighth grade at Barbie's 40th Birthday party. Also know that she is small enough to fit in your pocket and that she's very kind.

A pocket-sized Erica Kane!

On a different flight recently I unexpectedly had to fly from New York to Miami and back, and had Donald Trump's daughter on my flight. Ivanka is beautiful and polite and personable and her skin is really that great.

Tell me your celebrity encounters!