San Antonio : SAT


When we were dating, we'd often wax poetic about the day when Bryan would have the same flight benefits as me. He'd be able to stay with me on my layovers during my trips, and we'd adventure.

Trying to fly anywhere on my travel benefits is an 'experience', because flying standby has the ability to make or break a person. I had a trip with a 32 hour layover in San Antonio, and it had been a long time since I'd had enough time to explore a fun city.

So I said to Bryan,

"Come with me. Think of what we could do. Together." (Cue Defying Gravity).

We were both excited, but I did express my concern for Bryan's well-being. Because he's great at planning, and he loves structure. Flying standby can really destroy that.

He followed me up to New York and got on both flights with ease. He was a passenger on a flight I was working. It was the first time I've had any of my friends or family see me doing my job, and I loved that. I loved that he'd now be able to picture what my life is like when I'm gone. I think that's one of the hardest things. Not only am I absent from our life at home, but sometimes it feels isolating because it seems like a separate world. I liked that Bryan had a mental picture.

During boarding on our flight from JFK to SAT (I've decided that everyone should learn these city codes), I walked up and down the aisle more times than I usually do. Mostly so Bryan and I could smile like giant goons at each other every time I walked by his seat. I was trying to act professional and it was not working.

Finally, the man (a priest!) sitting next to Bryan said, "Do you guys know each other or something?" and then we were like, "YES WE ARE MARRIED TO EACH OTHER ISN'T THAT FUN." Bryan spent most of the flight in conversation with each other, and I gave them both extra snacks. AND, the whole can of coke.

We got to our hotel late that night and slept in. I dressed for Texas, only to realize we'd visited on a very cold weekend, and I eventually bought a cheap jacket because my paws were frozen.

It's fun to experience a layover through the eyes of someone that's not had one before. We LOVED the Riverwalk. Bryan said several times he wanted to move to San Antonio. Just because of the Riverwalk. In fact, he's probably at work looking into buying a houseboat right now.

We wandered over to the Market Square for breakfast, and ate at a restaurant called Mi Tierra.

It was a particularly festive (and busy) family-run establishment that Bryan's priest friend recommended to him. It was good food, but Mexican food isn't usually my jam. At least not for breakfast. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it and it was satisfying enough to hold us over for most of the day.


I have this thing with national monuments and historic sites. I think growing up learning about certain places adds a sense of mystery and grandeur. What they symbolize is never lacking in majesty, but sometimes when I see things I think, "Oh...that's not what I would be like."

For instance, the Statue of Liberty. She is a classy dame. Her story of creation is inspiring and she symbolizes so much for our country, but she's not really as big as I always thought she'd be. It's probably because I watched An American Tail  (Don Bluth, the way you made my childhood magical!) too much as a child, but I say...take the Staten Island ferry and you can see her from a distance for free instead of paying. 


I was not expecting to just round the corner in downtown San Antonio and see The Alamo in the middle of a random street. For some reason, I pictured us having to travel by covered wagon to reach this deserted landmark, but no. It was sitting there next to a huge zumba class taking place in the square.

It was interesting learning more about it. It was there that I decided I needed to read all of my history books again, because I just didn't care in high school and now I care a lot more and why didn't I care in high school? 

We spent the afternoon meandering around the Riverwalk, took an intermission for a nap, then ate dinner next to the water.

It was lovely.

The next day, Bryan made it back to New York with me and I left him to fly to Boston and back before finishing the trip.

Waiting for his flight home to Cincinnati, he regaled with the adventure they had on the bus.

Sometimes on the smaller planes, they don't fit at a typical jetbridge - so they shuttle everyone by bus out to where the plane is parked. They sat on the bus for an hour because of a mechanical issue with the plane that wasn't discovered until they took the bus out.

In the midst of everyone packed like sardines in the bus, people complained of how hot it was. Once the doors were opened to let the air in, they complained of the smell of fumes. Then a little boy on the bus peed everywhere. 

Bryan got a little taste of the CRAZY that accompanies a life of travel. 

Also I feel embarrassed for the boy that peed everywhere.


We had a good time, and I'm excited for whatever our next excursion might be. 


Tell me something I need to know about Texas in the comments!


  1. Texas is amazing!!! There are lots of things to do in every city, so I hope your next layover is just as fun! I'm in Dallas, so if you have a layover here, I'd be happy to give suggestions!

  2. Does this mean there are pictures of you working doing your thang??

  3. Sounds so fun! But, my husband is like Bryan and likes structure. He would have lasted until that bus debacle... :)

  4. We spent a night in San Antonio a few years back and loved the River Walk as well. We weren't as impressed with the Alamo but we're not American so we didn't really grow up learning about it.

  5. It's so cool to see San Antonio through a traveler's eyes! I've lived in Texas my whole life but moved to SA in June for a graduate program. I've since seen little more of the city than what I can view through my workroom window. Maybe I'll check out that restaurant. :) Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  6. First of all- thank you for the Wicked reference. I like to pretend like I have the vocal chops of Idina Menzel while listening/croaking along to that soundtrack. Second- BIG! Obviously. So good.
    I've never been to SAT (thanks for teaching me that valuable airport code), but I do have family in Texas! Do you watch Friday Night Lights or have you ever watched it? If the answer is no, make it yes as quickly as possible. Since I love it, you will love it as well. Texas Forever!

  7. I will never be able to thank you enough for using the phrase "wax poetic" on the internet. Keep literacy alive!!!

  8. I don't know anything about Texas! LOL! Comment FAIL. :P
    I do, however, appreciate the Wicked reference. :)

  9. I can tell you that once a year, they drain the Riverwalk to clean it. They find all sorts of crazy things in the mud... cars, shopping carts and you can imagine the jewelry, cell phones and sunglasses they find.

    The reason I know this, is because we scheduled our wedding on the Riverwalk on January 8th, 2011 and that was the weekend they drained the Riverwalk!!! Yep... we had people fly in from all over to experience the wonderful Riverwalk and it was DRAINED!

    It actually turned out okay and we had a lovely wedding. And anyone can see the Riverwalk, but who gets to see it when it's full of mud and completely drained? Our wedding guest, that's who!!

    Glad you got to spend some time in beautiful San Antonio!!

    Oh, The Places We Will Go

  10. a) you never responded to my e-mail two weekends ago! I thought we were gonna be e-mail buddies :(

    and b) I LURVEEE Texas. I've been to San Antonio twice, to see my brother and Ben graduate from Air Force Basic Training, and it's quite the pretty little Riverwalk area. I like Houston better cause it's a little nicer as a whole, but my dream city is Austin. We want to move there next summer! Texas fan 4 lyfe over here.

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