Luna Miel


We are not beach people.

Bryan lived as a mountain man in Colorado for a year.

My skin is scorch-prone and I love wearing a lot of layers.

When I saw the photos from my friend Hannah's honeymoon in Banff, I was kind of ready to call our travel agent and say we decided to go to Canada instead. (Seriously, why aren't more people going to Canada?)

We are excited for a lot of mountain excursions one day. When it came to the honeymoon, we wanted to go to an all-inclusive, and pretty much do nothing. After planning a wedding, it sounded so appealing to have a week where the toughest decision is whether the day is spent by the pool or the ocean.

So, we went to Jamaica!

Obviously, we had some concerns. Like how if I am in the sun for too long or the sunscreen is not applied correctly, I have to consume inordinate amounts of Benadryl and Bryan would essentially be vacationing alone.

We flew standby both ways. We are risk takers! Adventurers! If the weather had been bad, we'd have been enjoying the tropical scenery of the Atlanta airport, but thankfully all went well and we saved some dollars. 

Some things I learned about honeymoons:
  • The first night you basically sleep like Rip Van Winkle. Because you haven't slept in a week. It's glorious.
  • If you're not a party animal, it's perfectly fine to eat an early dinner and watch My Sister's Keeper. 
  • You may think you like reggae, but you could be wrong. 
  • Any drink called a 'hummingbird,' or 'purple rain' is a great idea.
  • When snorkeling, be sure to admire the jellyfish, but note that swimming over top of them might not be a great plan.
  • If there are cheesy games going on at the big pool, run away as fast as you can because they will call you out and force you to play even though you only want to sit on your chair and read Little Women like an old, old lady. 

On one of our last days, we were by the beach and we saw a man and woman pointing to something in the ocean. The girl was splashing and causing a commotion and we realized it was a starfish. I have this bizarre compulsion to hold pretty much any live creature that will not cause significant pain or damage to my body. I did not mind my own business, and rushed to the water to marvel at a potential new friend. I had left my phone in the room, and begged Bryan to run and grab it so we could be photographed together. 

Our room wasn't that close to where we were, and Bryan took longer than I anticipated. I later learned it was because he had cut his foot on a stone or something and basically limped and trailed blood all the way back to our room in order to retrieve my phone. While he was gone, I collected about fifteen hermit crabs and we had a meeting to discuss the goings on in the crustacean world. I felt like a supreme jerk when Bryan limped back into the ocean. He's really so nice.

I don't know what that goop hanging off of it is. It reminded me of THE SMOOZE (IF YOU'VE SEEN THAT MOVIE, WE ARE NOW BEST FRIENDS), and it smelled like dog. It certainly did not deter me.

Do you like my turban wrap? It's actually my dress. I managed to burn my scalp. Only in the front, right above my hairline. It's a gift. I managed to contract a sunburn in the shape of a headband. One time I only put sunscreen on the top portion of my face, and my entire chin and jaw burned and it looked like I had a kool-aid beard.

So, bottom line: honeymoons are a great idea. Reggae versions of vintage Celine Dion songs are not.


  1. The absolute worst part of a big resort is the silly games. I'm definitely the one hiding behind a tree!

    (And you should come to Canada even if it's not for your honeymoon. Banff is beautiful!)

    1. I want to go to Canada so badly! I don't even know where to begin to visit, though. Tell me where to go!

      Also, I just stalked your whole wedding. It was STUNNING. I love that it was elegant and modern - and that you used such dark colors and tones. Seriously, I want a do over now ;)

  2. So many things I love about this post. First and foremost, the fact that you brought the March sisters with you. Second, the fact that you watched a movie.... one night we stayed in and watched Hitch. Because sometimes you have the right to NOT live it up.

    But I do have to say that I did not have the Rip Van Winkle experience. I don't sleep the way that you burn, as in because of anything. There was so much emotion from that week that I did not sleep one single wink on that first night. But thanks to some awesome Tylenol pm, this did not repeat itself the rest of the trip.


    1. My ability to sleep is both a blessing and a curse. I am glad Tylenol PM let you have the experience your body required, though.

      Little Women - I don't know if I read an abridged version when I was little, but how did I NOT know it was a trilogy? I was nearing the end knowing very well all that did not yet happen and then it ended when Meg finally accepted John Brooke's proposal. Little Wives is really hard to find! I feel cheated.

  3. Yay for honeymoons! It sounds like you all had a blast! I am glad we weren't the only ones who watched a little tv during the vacation. Clinton brought the first two disks of season one of 24. I hadn't seen and it needless to say, we should have brought more than two disks. We should have opted for something with less cliff hangers. I would sit on the beach wondering and worrying about what would happen next. I feel like that each season of that series is best watched in one sitting. I digress. I am glad you all had a good time in Jamaica!

    1. We brought Modern Family and Dan in Real Life. I don't regret it! It was fun and cozy.

      Listen. I have always wanted to watch 24 but never have. I have such an addictive personality I know I would probably try to watch the entire series in like a week.

      Did it make you anxious? Hahaha I remember my friend Cami (remember Cami?!) saying she used to walk into public restrooms and want to kick the bathroom stall doors down because she'd been watching too much 24.

  4. Sounds like an awesome trip, even with a little sunburn and questionable reggae. ;)

    1. Oh, totally! Truth be told, I actually came home a nice little toasty color. My forehead was the only burn I got! Haha

  5. AH, good ol' sun. As you may already is not my friend. Your honeymoon sounds like a blast! We watched movies too, but not by choice. Brad and I did a 7 day land and sea Disney adventure for our honeymoon. The Disney parks were great! The cruise, not so much. We both ended up with the flu and strep throat our first night on the ship and we were bed-ridden the rest of the 3 days :( We also had to be quarantined because the ship's captain was afraid that we could have swine flu and he didn't want us to give it to the rest of the passengers. Believe it or not..we are still married! :)

    1. You totally understand...we just march forward embracing our fair skin. Fair sounds so much nicer than pale for some reason.

      Kimmm! How did I not hear about the honeymoon debacle? I hope you've gone on an illness-free vacation since then. Did they at least bring you room service?

    2. I don't know how you didn't hear about it! Everyone at work was making fun of me when I got I have been on an illness-free vacation since then..and one day I hope to do a Disney cruise again because I believe I would've had a blast! We did get a lot of free that was nice :)

  6. I love the last photo with the starfish, and also the fact tat you brought Little Women on your honeymoon...and also hate cheesy and lame games! :P

  7. This made me lol. We are kindred spirits- My Sister's Keeper & Little Women? On a honeymoon? YES PLEASE! Hope you both enjoyed your wonderful honeymoon!

    (Found your blog through the lovely Jenni at Story of My Life. :) )

    1. My Sister's Keeper was on TV (Jamaica apparently has great movie channels!) and I forgot how sad it was. But then I made it even sadder for Bryan when I told him how the book actually ended. Have you read the book? It's the SADDEST.

      And Little Women is a trilogy?! I somehow blocked that from my brain. So I was bummed when I finished the first one and didn't have Little Wives to move on to.

      Here's to hoping I'll get a long Austin layover one day! If Austin is full of people like you and Jenni then it must be a fun place :)

  8. I love how you made your honeymoon post so concise. For mine, I just threw up a bunch of pictures and called it a day. whoops.

    but it sounds like you kids had an awesome time. all inclusive places are so damn nice, aren't they?

  9. you're the best! i was wondering what was on your head?!? hahaha! I always burn my hairline too. it looks like i have BAD dandruff when in starts peeling...=(

  10. I love this! I love your writing so, so much. We went to Jamaica too! Loved it, though I echo your thoughts on reggae. We did have a little snafu when the Jamaican air traffic controlers went on strike, and we were left homeless in Montego Bay for two days. But such is life.

    I hear you on the sun. 5 minutes in the sun and I'm a lobster. I stayed in the shade as much as I could and bathed myself in spf 70. I didn't burn much, but I did break out in hives from the sun our last day there. The curse of pale skin.

    Those pool games. Misery. My kindle and I took shelter behind several palm trees.