Cardigans and Scarves


I have always wanted to be married in the fall. It's my favorite season. What I didn't anticipate was how just how perfect it is to go on a tropical vacation for the last week of summer, and step out of the airport in your homeland and realize the seasons switched.

My toes are just the right amount of frozen in the morning, the coffee is more delicious, and the leaves just look anxious to show us what they are made of. 

I'm kind of wondering what the change of seasons is doing to my brain. A couple nights ago, I dreamt that I had captured a bunch of tiny baby goats and hid them in our bathroom. I figured Bryan wouldn't let me keep them. Then the dream morphed, and I was taking care of a very drunk Reese Witherspoon. I took her out for some frozen yogurt, and she told me I was her best friend.

Drunken celebrities and little goats aside, I put together this playlist and I hope you like it. 

Enjoy all of this crispness. 

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