Animal House


The continuing presence of Brown Bear has been mentioned before. Lately I started bringing him on my layovers and neither of us hate it. It makes things less lonely, and he enjoys the plush hotel beds. We sometimes argue about how often he requests room service, but it's all still pretty new to him. Recently, (in the midst of all the emergency happenings), Brown Bear and I got sick. Not only do we both have sinus infections, but we have ear infections, too. Poor guy. We've been grounded for a while to protect the shape, integrity, and function of our ear drums.

Lucy has been really helpful with all the wedding planning. She graciously offered to model potential wedding day hairstyles for me. Above, you'll see a gracefully constructed chignon that we like to call, "the furry ear pillar." I am sure it will be viral on Pinterest, soon.

If anyone is looking for some helpful movers with a strong work ethic, I will not be recommending John or Lucy because they are lazy and think they're too pretty to help. I'd also like to introduce everyone to my new neighbor. He's an eight thousand pound meatball of love and I am trying not to be creepy about how much I like him. But it's too late. I am a creep for that meatball.

Nine more days and then I'm never planning a wedding ever again!


  1. Hahahah poor Lucy, I hate it when people play with my hair, she must be really indifferent.

    And John looks like he has some muscle, pity he doesn't have opposable thumbs

    1. Hahah I am so glad you understand and appreciate my ridiculous personification :)

  2. Replies
    1. I agree. I believe in the enriching power that Brown Bear has over people's lives.

  3. What is it with cats and the tops of mattresses?! Every move we've had, the cat can be found there.
    I thought you were gonna say the new neighbor was giving you a hand- since he's a burly little thing!!