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True to form, it's summer and I am checking out too many books from the library. THEY ARE FREE. I am the granddaughter of a woman that as a child read every book in the children's section. It's in my blood. In case you're looking for some words to get lost in, please enjoy.

Love Does, Bob Goff

I first heard about Bob Goff when Donald Miller gushed about him. I'm pretty sure that's when everyone heard of him. There's no way around it - he's an extraordinary person. I was challenged by his perspective on life. I was really inspired by the way he didn't settle for ordinary. NOT ONLY does he provide his phone number at the end of the book, but he will absolutely have dinner with you if you asked him. He's unreal. And that's what makes him real. Or something.

For fans of: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, One Thousand Gifts

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The Weird Sisters, Eleanor Brown

This was one of those that I DEVOURED. I was on standby at JFK, and I sat in a stiff chair around a bunch of tired flight attendants and read for hours. I loved the way Shakespeare was weaved so organically throughout the story. I really cheered for the characters for the majority of it. I did reach a certain point that I finally just though - okay, girls. GET IT TOGETHER. It petered off a bit toward the end, but it was written well and for the most part it was entertaining. There's language and content I could have done without, and I can't enthusiastically recommend it without letting you know going in to it that you might get sick of the sisters.

For fans of: Practical Magic, The Paris Wife


The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

WHAT ARE YOU DOING RIGHT NOW? GOING TO THE BOOKSTORE TO BUY THIS? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT. You guys. This book. Oh, it's everything I admire and envy about the creatives that can write fiction so well. It takes about 60-70 pages to really get into it. You. Must. Persevere. The whole story plays out like a collaborative work of Tim Burton and Julie Taymor. It will be the next story that everyone gets excited to talk about, I think. Good news! It's in paperback, now.

For fans of: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Atonement

There are a bunch of others that I'm currently reading but cannot give a proper review on until I'm finished. What have you read lately that's worth sharing?

Have you read any of these? Speak on it.

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