Gonna Dress You Up In My Love


The eyebrows! The hair! The lace all the way up to her chin! Annie Banks knows no bounds!

I've been excited about my wedding dress since I was four and used to wear a tutu on my head (sometimes a pillow case, depending on tutu availability). My plastic bejeweled heels certainly didn't hurt, either.

Living in dresses for most of my childhood - the day when I could don the ultimate dress was never far from my mind.

After procrastinating for weeks because I was afraid I'd look like a carebear, I decided it was time.

Surprisingly enough, Cincinnati hosts a serious bridal district. 

Most go on a Saturday afternoon, amidst mimosas and veils and tears (of both the sentimental and tantrum-like nature), where there are rooms barely contained with walls and filled with hundreds of passers by. It's enough to make you sweat.

I mean, why change in a fitting room when you could change at a subway stop in New York City? The upside of the subway station is that you might get some tips.

Since my job requires that I never have a weekend off, it actually worked in my favor when my mom and sister and I went to pick one out on a Wednesday afternoon.

Seriously. If you can go in the middle of the week, GO. There was hardly anyone there. I didn't feel rushed. I didn't feel like an exhibitionist. 

I felt like Julia Roberts on the hillside, when she FINALLY doesn't run away from Ike:

I felt like Liv when she looks over at Emma while that wistful Priscilla Ahn song is playing and they're thinking of being friends again:

Thankfully, I did not feel like Tess when she ruined her mother's wedding dress and acted like a total troll:

The associate that helped us was a woman named Tracy. She had wild curls, smelled a little bit like smoke, and had an extremely boisterous personality that I eventually fell in love with. It struck me by how much you really have to understand people to do that job.

Her instincts were quick and she knew when I didn't love one. In fact, she knew better than I did what I wanted. Because she brought a dress to me that was EVERYTHING I said I didn't like and didn't want. And I put it on just to humor her. And then I had that moment where every dress before and every dress after just didn't matter to me. I felt beautiful. I wasn't worried about how my body looked, or which angle was best. I just felt like myself. Only maybe the more formal version.

If nothing else existed and it was just Bryan and I in a field and I was wearing that dress, I'd be happy.

I hope he likes it, too.



  1. Replies

    2. Even if you don't wear bedazzled sneakers, I'm just going to imagine you are.

  2. Congratulations on finding the perfect dress!
    P.S. I like the new header :)

    1. Thank you! I should have written about it a long time ago. I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT ALTERED!

      And thank you again. And how weird is it that it's off center? I am so bad at trying to do blogger stuff by mysellllffff!

  3. awww YAAAAY!!! Congratulations on finding THE dress!!!

    If you love it, he will love it!

    1. Oh man, I hope you're right.
      If he doesn't like it, I'm emailing you, Corinne! ;)

  4. I'm sure he will LOVE it. I'm from cinci so I'm glad you enjoyed our bridal shops :) I will also say that I may or may not have watched Runaway Bride in the theaters more than ten times... I was obsessed. :)

    1. Whaaaa? What part?
      We're across the river. We go to eat at Senate WAY more than we should.
      I am still obsessed with that movie. Shoot, I want to watch it right now!
      I saw Titanic in the theater five times, so we're even as far as hours logged - right?

    2. Saying "we're across the river" sounded so Kentucky of me. Sigh.

  5. YAY for finding THE dress. I never really had that moment, I got married in a $40 American Apparel stretchy one shoulder dress that I got at the mall. To be fair, I was pregnant and eloping but its the single thing I wish I could do over from my wedding. I never grew up dreaming of fairy wings and white lace (fuck to the no), but I would have spent a little more time glamming out if I could have.

    Hey, there is always the vow renewal ;P

    1. First of all, the fact that you can look good in an American Apparel dress is something to be celebrated. And if I could have gotten married months ago in one and not spent thousands of dollars on a big party - I would have. Planning is not my forte, but having an excuse to gather all the people I love in one place for a few hours seems worth it.

      And duh, being married to Bryan :)

      And vow renewal! Helloooo, if Heidi and Seal could get married every year, so should you. Minus how they ended. Clearly.

  6. Congratulations! I am so glad that your dress buying experience was smooth sailing instead of a reality TV worthy meltdown. I am sure you will make the loveliest of brides!

    1. My mother would not have stood for meltdowns. She's a good mother in that way :) I appreciate your deep and sincere love for Space Jam, by the way.

      Did you know this still exists?

      It's the original website for the film. YOU'RE WELCOME.

  7. I bet it's stunning. :) And kudos for going on a weekday! That would definitely be my plan if I can swing it someday!

  8. I feel like a proud mama. You're approaching this wedding with the perspective and grace that I hope to one day. You are good at knowing what's important, dear Frannie and it's not the flowers or centerpieces, presents or booze(cake, cake IS important though... you can rest assured that will be taken care of). Who would have thought that my new small group friend and a nice boy from my home town would find each other and fall in love? Not me, but I'm terribly glad they did.

  9. Yay for finding your wedding dress! Exciting!! :D

  10. I really like your new dress. I think this is my new recommended clothing too :) I wish I could have capabilities like yours and I really like how you released this on my birthday!!!! I really wish I could get one of your clothing I just really like them :)


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