A Campaign Against Superfluous Buns


" I used to think a wedding was a simple affair. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love, he buys a ring, she buys a dress, they say I do. I was wrong. That's getting married. A wedding is an entirely different proposition. " 

- George Banks

If it's a cozy night at home and I have any say in a movie that's chosen, IT WILL BE GLOSSY.

I love a good action movie. Independent films? Of course. Comedies! Yes! But sometimes, I just want the gloss.

Actually, when I read that article, I thought "It's what I've been trying to articulate for so long. How did she know?"

More specifically applicable to my own life for the past few months, when I think of my favoritest most glossiest of wedding movies, I always think of Father of the Bride. I mean no offense to Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor, but I have this inexplicable love for Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. And, let's be honest - a baby version of Kimberly Williams-Paisley with her eyebrows full of potential and her customized Sidekicks. So I am faithful to the 1991 version. Oh, and Martin Short? AND B.D. Wong? It just works, you know?

As of late, there have been approximately eight million things going on in the process moving toward marriage. They are GREAT things, but they are enough things to make me a little Gnarls Barkley at times. But, should I choose to ignore those things - and I would end up with a cake made of Spam and Rotel and I'd live in a cardboard box.

I don't like 'fluff' posts.  I don't love checking a blog and reading something that says, "Look at this turkey sandwich I ate." That's cool. I eat those too. I don't need to read that. Sometimes I won't write for days and days and days because I just feel like the only thing I have to say is, "Look at this turkey sandwich I ate."

In a natural way, the blog is shifting because, (quite simply) life isn't about travel. It's about finding joy in ordinary circumstances. So yes, I'll still be going lots of places. But I'd like to include more of the day to day chaos, too.

My lack of sharing certain things is not really a matter of propriety or an effort to be enigmatic. But lately, I want to share more. Share more of life. The good days, the bad days, and the days that even Spanx don't help. 

For starters - let's talk weddings.

Don't worry, it won't be a 'Wedding Wednesday' type thing. Mostly because alliteration like that makes me want to rip my eyeballs out.

I have some stuff planned that I hope will be entertaining and encouraging.

I'm going to do a lot of it with the help of Father of the Bride. Come back, so you can see if I mean it.