Fact One: my parents take more advantage of my flight benefits than I do.

Fact Two: One of my sisters lives in California with her husband, Paul (who is equally awesome). Her name is Jessica, and she is a fantastic writer and story teller. She is in the midst of an incredible story. One that gives me chills, gives me hope, and reminds me of God's extravagant love for us.

Fact Three: One of my best friends, Brake (honorary sister, if you will) is living in California (which, sometimes she calls COLORfornia because she loves colors so much she may as well have rainbows shooting out her ears). She is helping and serving with an awesome church. She is my favorite head that I've talked about before.

Fact Four: According to Wikipedia, J. Paul Getty was an industrialist. He founded the Getty Oil Company. When he died, he was named the 67th richest man to ever live. And, my favorite part: "Despite his wealth, Getty was known for being a miser." 


On one particular day, my stepdad was in Los Angeles for business (see fact one), and he was planning on having lunch with Jessica (see fact two), and I HAD A LAYOVER IN LOS ANGELES AT THAT SAME TIME. So I called Brake (see fact three) and we decided we could all have lunch together and talk about the joys of life and layovers and Colorfornia. We decided to have lunch at The Getty (see fact four).

Apparently having billions of dollars and being a miser means that you get to have establishments named after you and strewn about the land - only to confuse those that aren't local natives.

Brake and I were trying to find my stepdad and Jessica, and our phone calls just weren't adding up.

Douwe: Where are you guys? We just got off the train.
Fran: What train? We are by the pool.
Douwe: What pool? We are by the giant Q-tip looking sculpture.
Fran: What giant Q-tip looking sculpture? COME TO THE POOL!

Just so you know, if you're ever in Los Angeles.

There is THE GETTY VILLA (complete with pools, museums, and brain donors named Fran)
And there is THE GETTY CENTER (complete with restaurants and trains and giant Q-tip sculptures and Fran's family)

The lovely dream date didn't happen.

But that's okay. That's life.

Sometimes you're at the wrong Getty.

So Brake and I wandered around the gardens a bit longer - marveling at pomegranate trees, and looking for Jessica Capshaw.

We took photos, and then we left promptly and found food. Because that's what I do.

When friends are together and photo-shooting, it's essentially taking thirty of the same photos of yourselves and believing in your heart that they're all different yet equally great.



  1. That picture with you and the lion is my favorite.

    Aww, I can't believe you ended up at the wrong Getty! I would totally have made the same mistake.

    1. Thank you for appreciating it. I felt really accomplished at my imitation skills!

  2. Los Angeles is so confusing. As someone who lived her first 21 years in Southern California, it still scares me!

    1. I don't even understand how you do it! The traffic alone would drive me crazy.

  3. Hahahahaha, those are great photos! You always amaze me :D