I R E L A N D, Part II


Claire most definitely has a gift for hospitality and tourism.

While we were told that in order to best experience all that Ireland has to offer it would take a fortnight (Fortnight : two weeks. Why don't we say fortnight?), Claire gave us a great experience in about five.

That means my feet were really hot and pretty much looked like little pickles since I only brought those freaking wellies.

On one particular day, we took Rusty Crutchley and her little broken Jack Russell teeth to the beach for a proper afternoon.

What afternoon at the Irish beach is worth it without a chance encounter with some enchanting shrub-dwelling goats? 

I approve of any beach that does not require a bathing suit or sun screen. Rusty does as well. We're trying to protect our fair skin.

Next stop: Tollymore Park. It's a park that C.S. Lewis visited often. It's the park that inspired his Narnia! THE NARNIA, PEOPLE!

We took our time wandering through the forest and got caught up at our afternoon tea with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. What a delight.

One of my favorite things about our trip was the time we got to spend with Claire and her family. I don't understand why we don't have regular tea time here. Late in the evening, Claire's mom would say she'd go make some tea - and we'd walk in to the kitchen expecting a warm drink. But no. The table would be set with cookies, cakes, toast, and tea. It was just so nice to stop the day for a bit and enjoy each other. I find we don't do that well a lot of the time. It's refreshing to not be distracted. 

I have one final post.

It's my favorite.

And everyone will roll their eyes.