Free Bird


Why have I been writing about high heels and babies licking tray tables?

Because sometimes, I'm just working to make dollars. Sometimes I just don't go anywhere cool. I am absolutely fine with that.

For the next week, I am getting on a plane (nothing new), with my little sister. And I am not working the flight. We are going as passengers. PASSENGERS!

Camille is on spring break and gets to completely shut her brain off to nursing for a few days.

I don't have to give anyone peanuts! 

So, I will be missing. IN ACTION.

Where do you think we're going?

If you guessed Orlando, that's totally wrong!


While I won't be blogging, 

I will be Instagrammin' (username is franlaveeya if you want to follow along).

And Tweeting.

So, come with us. Kind of.