Be My Little Baby


I love babies. I am so excited to have babies one day. I love the way their little heads smell, and their little inverted knuckles when they go through the chub phase. I love their sweaty little nappy roots when they wake up from naps. 

The truth of the matter is, I don't really know how to interact with them until we can effectively communicate.

While many clamor to hold a tiny baby, I watch and enjoy all of the tiny cuddles that are taking place. 

The passing of the baby? The "Here, go ahead and hold her!" IS TERRIFYING TO ME.

Mostly because, on repeat in my brain, I am saying, "SHE'S SO LITTLE, AND SHE'S NOT MINE WHAT IF I DROP HER OR SHE HATES ME."

I am really working on it. Things have gotten significantly better.

The other day, a woman in first class had to use the restroom and she asked me to hold her perfect tiny sleeping baby. And I was outrageously excited to do so - and equally surprised to see just how heavy they feel after holding them for an extended period of time. But oh my goodness, I could have cuddled that baby for ninety consecutive hours.

Though it's only been briefly addressed before, there is a lot that goes into traveling with little ones. If the aforementioned is not proof enough, I make no claim to be an expert on the matter. I do know that I've researched it a bit on behalf of friends and family in the past (friends have also contributed a ton of great tips that I've included!) 

The time has come to compile a list of helpfulness. Should anyone require it.

Please, feel free to share with other traveling child toters - and by all means! Share some of your favorite tips in the comments below. Or save it for the future! Or roll your eyes and say, I KNOW ALL OF THIS ALREADY! Or, completely disregard all of it!

Except for this studious baby:

  •  Sippy cups (with liquid) are allowed through security! Rejoice!

  •  Pre-boarding is available for families. It's perfect if you have your hands full with luggage and baby gear. It allows you to board before every zone, and get yourself situated before the aisles are filled with other passengers. (It might even allow you a second for your little one to step into the cockpit and say hi to the pilots).

  • In most instances, if you have a stroller or car seat (or both) - they are tagged at the end of the jetbridge and you can collect them in the same place as you step off the plane in your destination. One less thing to carry onto the plane.

  • Babies on your lap until they are two years old! Then they have to be in their own seat. In an FAA-approved car seat, or a fancy shmancy harnesses (for children 22-44 pounds in their own seat). It might be a good investment if you have a bunch of kiddos that you travel with frequently. It's worth contacting the airline's reservations or customer service to inquire about discounted fare, also.

  • If you're traveling alone and only have two arms to carry things, you can request for an airport employee to 'meet and assist' you at the gate to help you along to your connecting gate. You can contact the airline's reservations, and in some instances you might even be able to ask the gate agent.

  • If you're interested in bolstering your child's immune system, just let them lick the tray table.