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When we're together, I talk a little louder.

Every story is told more emphatically. Every laugh feels deeper than the one before.

These are the friends I'd heard about before I left for college. The friends you meet, and stay with - for good.

Through the sweet, the sad, the crazy, the new. Every season.

Through medical school.


New jobs.

Cross country migration.

Just to name a few.

Inevitably, we end up taking hundreds of pretty much the same picture. And my bangs never cooperate. And that's okay.



  1. love this post! it made me tear up...i know..that is a little weird..since we don't really know each other..and i know no anyone in those was sweet...i cry. it is what i do. nbd.

  2. Crying is what I do too. This is why we are friends.



  3. Also, you wrote that at 5:25am. I AM SO IMPRESSED, AND PROUD OF YOU.

  4. haha yes, that is why we are friends. and i didn't get up thaaaaat early. I don't know what it is set on west coast was more like 825....i wish i had left you impressed...


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