I've Got Another Confession to Make

Settle Down by Kimbra on Grooveshark

  • I am embarrassed by the amount of times that I've listened to this song. It's just the right amount of crazy. Just the right amount of bouncing and dancing. Nebraska. Nebraska Jones.

  • I don't even like the name of my blog. There, I said it. But it's stuck - I'm in too deep! I've had it for so long. From Wordpress to Tumblr. And now, here. The domain name was the only one I could come up with and I feel it comes off as presumptuous and narcissistic. Just know, it was never supposed to be that way. 

  • Lucy is still really cute. Even if she did pee on my bed, and poop on the floor in the kitchen - only for me to step in it ...with my bare feet.

  • One night this week, I set out to make pizza dough from scratch. Seemingly simple - but I have this special gift of impatience and a cunning ability to mess up any recipe. I read a step that instructed me to separate the dough in two halves, and save one for later. I thought, "Why would I do that, I need this to feed a lot of people." When the pizza came out with crust about six inches tall, I looked at the recipe and realized the serving size was for two pizzas.

          It's....Chicago style?
          Surprisingly, this incident is still not as bad as my Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Distaster of 2009.    

          But I will save that for another day.             

Quick, confess something embarrassing! Before you have a great weekend!



  1. I love your blog name, but you're totally allowed to change it if you want. :) Your name lends itself well to all kinds of things! (Unlike "Cailyn," of course.)

    Don't fret about the pizza dough. I'm sure it still tasted fantastic! :)

    1. I mean, it was really fluffy bread so you know I wasn't complaining.

      I totally forgot about our game where we came up with different things to say about my name!

  2. One time I left my pizza dough in the oven to rise. Then forgot about it an hour later and preceded to preheat the oven for said pizza dough.

    I only realized my mistake when my nose caught the smell of burning plastic. Hello red plastic and pizza dough blob ALL OVER my oven. The sad part was I actually was cooking for a bunch of people that day.


    1. Ahhh hahaha that sounds like something I would totally do. Like putting Chinese food in the microwave in the box that has a METAL handle.

      Melted plastic and pizza remnants sounds like a totally acceptable dish for guests, if you ask me. Right?

  3. I've always thought your blog name was super creative and fun! Does falling down stairs in front of 100 people count as embarrassing?

    1. Thanks, girl :)

      And where did this happen? I think how awful that would be every time I am in a baseball stadium trying not to fall down.

      Not to mention, that sounds really painful.

  4. oh wow, that pizza looks AMAZING. i am drooling.

    1. It was pretty tasty - but preeeettty filling from the excessive amount of bread. We just decided it was like having pizza and breadsticks ...at the same time? But definitely worth making again. When following instructions.

      Love your blog glitter :)


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