I've Got Another Confession to Make


Settle Down by Kimbra on Grooveshark

  • I am embarrassed by the amount of times that I've listened to this song. It's just the right amount of crazy. Just the right amount of bouncing and dancing. Nebraska. Nebraska Jones.

  • I don't even like the name of my blog. There, I said it. But it's stuck - I'm in too deep! I've had it for so long. From Wordpress to Tumblr. And now, here. The domain name was the only one I could come up with and I feel it comes off as presumptuous and narcissistic. Just know, it was never supposed to be that way. 

  • Lucy is still really cute. Even if she did pee on my bed, and poop on the floor in the kitchen - only for me to step in it ...with my bare feet.

  • One night this week, I set out to make pizza dough from scratch. Seemingly simple - but I have this special gift of impatience and a cunning ability to mess up any recipe. I read a step that instructed me to separate the dough in two halves, and save one for later. I thought, "Why would I do that, I need this to feed a lot of people." When the pizza came out with crust about six inches tall, I looked at the recipe and realized the serving size was for two pizzas.

          It's....Chicago style?
          Surprisingly, this incident is still not as bad as my Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Distaster of 2009.    

          But I will save that for another day.             

Quick, confess something embarrassing! Before you have a great weekend!