This has been the fastest and most significant year of my life.

Over a year ago in December, this whole adventure chapter began. I got this job.

I welcomed it with hope, joy, and sometimes fear.

There have been years of desert before this. And lack of faith.

So many moments when I would sit at my desk and lament to my best friends that I didn't think my life would ever change.

To be able to see the world. To live in a big city. To meet a man to love and share life and love God with.


In January of this year, I spent the first month of the new year anticipating a temporary move to England to write as a journalist for a missions organization.

My last day at my job was on a Friday. The next day, my sweet Papa (maternal grandfather) was taken to the hospital as his battle with cancer progressed to the point that we knew it was almost over.

I decided not to go to England, and to start my job as a flight attendant at the end of February. I would make that choice every time. Not because of my job, but because I held my Papa's hand when he took his final breath. I saw a man finish his life in a remarkable and beautiful and God-honoring way. He finished his race well.

A week after his funeral, I moved to Atlanta for almost two months to train for a new adventure.

I made new friends. I learned how to get everyone off a plane if we crash, and how to place napkins in ways that are aesthetically pleasing. I graduated in April, went home for TWO days, and went straight to New York. I was terrified.

I've been all over our beautiful country, and I've ventured into other ones as well.

In June, I met Bryan - which I was not expecting and have gladly and thankfully welcomed.

And that's only the beginning! It's been a year of abundant blessing. Of pain, fear, growth, and challenges.

But I want to be clear.

My life is not flowers and cursive. So much of sharing life on a blog can be hidden through a veneer of only wanting to share things that are lovely. But let's not be wrapped up in that. It's just as important to share our struggles and the ugly things as it is the beautiful.

God has given me many desires of my heart, but what I love the most about that is how it always points me back to the fact that nothing can satisfy or fulfill me but Christ. Not Bryan. Not seeing the world. Not living in a big city.

I have high hopes for this next year. To live well in each day and not be consumed by what may happen tomorrow. To remember that nothing is too small or insignificant to be thankful for. To focus on opportunities to be a blessing to others.

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!




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