'Tis the Season


Last Christmas (Single Version) by Wham! on Grooveshark
For those that know me well, this is MY JAM. (Yes, I just said Wham! was my jam. And I rhymed.) I used to dance to this in my dorm room. I even have choreography. I do not waste my time with any other rendition. It's over the top. Thank you, George Michael. And that other guy.

In anticipation of my absence of all holidays this year, the beginning of this season of merriment and celebration is coupled with a new found determination. A determination to do and enjoy as many Christmas-related things as I can in a few short weeks.

On the check list:

Enjoy the festive airport decorations. Way to go, LaGuardia!

Brave the cold weather to acquire a Christmas tree.

Make a new friend whilst acquiring a Christmas tree.

Acquire a Christmas tree.

Dress up the Christmas tree.

Dress up John.

Listen to great music.
(I've never actually heard this song, but obviously it is dear to my heart as I started graying at nineteen.  I am glad someone will love me just the same.)

Read Scripture about what this season is really about. 

Go to the Festival of Lights! Once with the boo, once with the marm and sisters.


Be brave and hold a giant bug at the zoo. This has nothing to do with the Christmas season.

 Dress up your room. (And excuse the fact that my bed is a mess).

Take it all in.

Pack on some winter pounds, and lay around sometimes.

Bundle up appropriately, in anticipation of snow.

Go with my best friend to pick up her wedding dress. 

Try something new.

Silently wonder why baby Jesus is white, has the head (and face) of a man, seems to be celebrating himself, and has (what appears to be) a sombrero on.

Be joyful.