Whenever starting a trip and leaving New York the first day, I know there's a great chance I'll see some famously familiar faces.

They are just people. People that make us laugh, or think, or cringe. But still just people that we happen to see a lot more than others because of their chosen profession. 

But whatever, isn't it weird?

Imagine my surprise to see the following on my paperwork. All on the same flight.

Joanna Newsom
I have really tried to love her music. Really, I have. To no avail. However, this was one of those instances that upon meeting her, I wanted to try again. Because she is so kind, and genuine. One of those people you want to put in your pocket because they are so sweet. I can't say nice enough things about her. (Not to mention, she and her beau Samberg are adorable together). And I really liked her sweater. How can you not like her when she looks so happy with that harp?

Andy Samberg
WHAT! Saturday Night Live. Shy Ronnie. Hot Rod. All around funny guy. How do they make these people seem so big and tall on television and film? A regular, normal-sized, nice dude.

Mat Kearney
Singer-songwriter. According to Twitter he's been doing spontaneous plane ride concerts. What happened Mat? WE WANTED A CONCERT! Okay, it's okay. (For fans of Charlie Winston, John Mayer, and Counting Crows)


  1. Holy cow. You are living the life. I would not have been able to resist impersonating Andy Samberg FOR Andy Samberg. It would have been so embarrassing that they would have asked me to leave the flight.


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