Little Treasure Pockets

As I scramble to figure out how to pack for ten days for all possible climates, I wish everyone the Merriest Christmas and Happy, Happy New Year.

Since I am skipping technical holidays, I have hopes of starting a couple weeks early on my whole 'moving my body in some sort of activity that resembles exercise.' As of late I've fallen into a very convenient diet of sugar, cream, butter, and processed carbohydrates. All of this is in spite of the fact that I am increasingly confident in my body's rejection of dairy products. I can confidently say that it does not deter my consumption of peppermint mocha creamer. But those days must now end.

Should you find yourself driving by what appears to be a young woman that is incredibly pale and attempting to 'run,' be sure to wave - or at least say a prayer for me as I am trying not to die or convince myself to stop because of self-diagnosed asthma.

Here's to hoping that Dick Clark stays home this year. Not that I don't love him, but his presence on his annual television special brings more sadness and concern to the experience than it does joy.

Hug and squeeze your loved ones! And be a blessing to those that work on the holidays.


Here are a few little treasures I've been enjoying as of late:

+ The outdoors adventure magic of  Oh, Pioneer! (complete with deliciously drowsy playlists and photos that incite and encourage the use of cable knit, flannel, and hiking gear)

+ For any last minute gift wrappers, an abundance of free printable gift tags.

+ My inner fangirl just wept. I am so excited, and I am not ashamed.

+ Now I know what I'll be poring over on my flight up to New York. (A gift from my dear boybear).



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