Cincinnati is full of treasure pockets. While a lot of it is spread out, we enjoy a good balance of southern hospitality and a midwestern approachability. Mount Adams is one of my favorite treasure pockets.

Bryan took me to Teak on our first date, and I will probably never tire of sitting and sharing conversation or good music at The Blind Lemon.

(Right next to The Blind Lemon is another favorite of my friends and mine - Mt. Adams Bar & Grill).

Remember when we went to the art museum? Also Mt. Adams. 

One evening, we decided to experience Balluminaria (how many links can I include in one post? I must be going for a record) for the first time. An evening of hot chocolate and families watching hot air balloons illuminated over Mirror Lake.

So we all sat on a hill and waited for the sun to go down. And once the sun went down, someone would blow an air horn and then the balloons would alternately illuminate.

And that was kind of it...

There were murmurs of, "Is this it?" and, "Is something else going to happen?"

As much as I'd love to write a dreamy post about how it was breathtaking and spectacular...well.

I got some great photos and we enjoyed each other's company. And I can say that I'm glad to have experienced it once. I think I'll forgo Balluminaria and stick to the Reindog Parade from now on.


I'm not entirely sure what inspired this Dante's Inferno inspired photo posing from everyone.

Here we have captured simultaneous expressions of concern, awe, and 'OH MAN, that's bright.'


  1. Do you remember any of the Little Kentucky Derby festivities at UK? They did a balloon glow, and while it was pretty, it also seemed like a lot of work for one evening. They did, however, also have balloon races, and Brian rock-paper-scissored me out of my only chance to ride in a hot air balloon!

    Ugh. BOYS.


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