When did this turn into a celebrity blog?

I've some special blog treat posts to share - when I am not in a hotel room and required to wake up at four in the morning.

But, in the mean time: look who I had flyin' first class.


  1. Now this is one "spotted" I can get excited about! I LOVE Prairie Home Companion and all of his shows about Lake Wobegon. Wait 'til Henry hears you "spotted" Garrison Keillor. He' will be pumped!

    ~Cindy L.

  2. This might be my favorite celebrity sighting yet! Just lovely.

  3. I love Garrison Keillor!!!! Being a MN girl I just can't help it.... :) JEALOUS!

  4. Cindy, I am not the least bit surprised that Henry loves Garrison Keillor. I love it.

    Cailyn, you mean Stephen Baldwin wasn't your favorite?

    Greta - I just got to explore Minneapolis a little bit for the first time. I was pretty smitten! But then again, I got to see it on a warmer day before the winter madness.

  5. i just was scrollin' through your 'celebs on a plane' tag because, ya know, i love me some celebs and got to gk and wanted to say that i'm sort of related to him. yeah, i'm bragging. and yeah, it's through my kids, but still.


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