One Fine Day

Has anyone else felt like this has been the fastest year of all time?

I remember not understanding how quickly time passes when I was in Kindergarten. You know, someone saying that life is short and thinking, "Are you kidding me? Do you know how long I am in school every day? I have fancy dresses I need to go home and play in right now."

And here we are. It's almost Thanksgiving, and I can assure you it was just a couple of days ago that February came to an end. 

New York apparently decides that Fall should only last two weeks before snow and whipping winds smack you in the face and make your paws all chapped.

Kentucky, however, takes its sweet time.

And here, I've documented my experience with it on one eventful day.

I had the privilege of spending the day with (some of) my favorite people in the world.

My mom, Nana, and Camille and I wandered up to Mount Adams for a couple of hours to enjoy the Art in Bloom Exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum:


I take advantage of any weather in which I can maximize the use of my wellies. I will confess, my feet were eight thousand degrees.

Two firecrackers, enjoying the firecracker weather.

I don't know if photos were allowed. But,  we made the executive decision that they were. Because those flowers weren't going to live forever, and obviously we needed some memories of them.

After the art museum, Camille and I went to Clifton and ate our weight in frozen yogurt at Yogurt Vi. (Which, let the records show I am faithful to Orange Leaf, but we are still patiently waiting for Northern Kentucky locations).

After that, Bryan had a surprise date planned for us.

Something that involved him getting off work early, and driving somewhere. 

Let the record also show that I am horrible at surprises. I think I get it from my dad. He always got so excited when he bought us gifts that he rarely was able to keep it to himself.

I am impatient, and I ask what the surprise is every five minutes. I am really surprised Bryan wasn't exhausted by the time we got there.

Where is there? 


For an especially delicious dinner at Bazbeaux


Note that we are in the 'mosh/surf' section. 

Usually my iPhone, Birdie Perkins, and I are really in love photographically. We aren't that far away, but unfortunately Birdie's camera makes it look like we were watching the show from out in Russia.


This has no relevance to the day. But I kept seeing them on Pinterest, and they were BOMB TO THE DOT COM and everyone needs to make them. Recipe, here.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. The day was filled to the brim, and I am thankful for it.

Now go make those cookies.


  1. I am trying so hard to refrain from making those delicious looking chocolate chip cookies. I can hardly contain myself.

    Also! Way to go Bryan! Ten million boyfriend points indeed!!

  2. you all are just too stinking cute!! what a super fun date!! way to go bryan!! =)

  3. Cailyn: Make the cookies! I don't know what the hesitation is here. You will earn so many wife points with Brian.

    Jade: THANKS GIRL. WE NEED TO HANG OUT. Not just want to. NEED TO. Caroline is in college now, right?


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