V E N I C E - part two.

Play this song while you look at the photos. It's a treat.

I really dropped the ball on the Venice continuation. Deepest apologies to my Nana - a devoted blog follower of mine.

This is not me trying to pose, for the record. It's me, not being ready for the picture. But who cares - look at the canal!

so tired, and so happy. 

This was one of my favorite moments - weaving our way through the winding alleys, we unexpectedly rounded the corner into Piazza San Marco. Right at dusk, and as everything was illuminated.
It was breathtaking.

music playing in the square

can you see the moon? can you feel the breeze?

Most of Venice's public transportation is by boat. For a fraction of the cost of a gondola ride (since it appears that Venice is happy to capitalize on every tourist's stereotypical view of Italy), we took a ferry ride back to the bus station. It was a pinch me moment, because only hours earlier in the day I had been in New York - completely unaware that I'd be in another country the next morning. 

We met a Scottish man on the boat, there with his wife. They had just come from spending a month in Germany. They planned to camp out in Venice for another month, before moving onto Turkey. Rough life, right? His accent was amazing - and he kept calling us lassies.

The best moment is explaining that we arrived in Venice that early afternoon, and planned on leaving in the morning. Confusion.

The flight home. Those. Are the Alps.


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