Home! Let Me Go Home!

Some important things happened at home.

Important is all relative.

But it was still special.

Home is my favorite.

First: I observed the fascinating sleep and leisure patterns of the animals that reside in our home:
This is Bingley. He's kind of neurotic but we're convinced it's because he sees dead things, like the kid from Sixth Sense. If our  suspicions are correct, then I guess it is probably helpful for him to sleep like this.
THIS. Is. John. Our family has a really inexpressible fascination with him. Even people that wish all cats would die, see him and are immediately struck by his beauty. Here he is, perching. On me. Is that weird? Extravagantly. But he is so happy, and at one point he was even dozing off. What can I say - if John is happy, I'm happy. (Does anyone still want to be my friend? For the record, we took the picture and I got up)

Oh, Charlie. He's an extremely odd and exotic bird. He's intrusive and continually shares offensive odors, but my mom loves him unconditionally. I'll give him credit, he's pretty entertaining. And he's nice. And sleeps like that?

This is Roz. My minivan. Yes, I dr(i/o)ve a minivan. She died a really dramatic death in the parking lot of the Gap outlet. Thankfully, due to my extensive history with unfortunate vehicular related instances, I am well acquainted with AAA. She was a really great woman, and she'll be missed. (In case anyone was wondering about her namesake).

Does anyone else love the substantial amount of crazy eye in this picture? Awesome. Laurel (the Florence Welch look-a-like second from left) is getting married. She's one of my favorite people, and I get to be her bridesmaid. But first we had to have some awesome bachelorette times. In an Irish pub with a guy that did covers of a lot of fratty songs. 

Awkward Side Note: in a seemingly normal trip to the restroom, I had to ask another patron for toilet paper (because it's a bar, and apparently people drink too much, and they act like monkeys and throw things everywhere) and this happened:

Fran: Um, could you please hand me some toilet paper?
Stranger: Uh, yeah, I was actually just about to put some more in there.


I'm never going to the bathroom again, until I have to go to the bathroom again.

One time I was texting the word 'bestie' to my friend Brake (pictured below) and autocorrect thought I meant to say, "NESTOR." So now, nestor is my new favorite word for a best friend. This is one of my nestors, Hanna. She's getting married soon, too. She's the velvet to my Christmas dress, and the Fox to my Hound. 

Muh Brake. I'm in love with her. And her head.

Ashley: Plural. My almost debutante mixed with Duchess Catherine, and my favorite head.  They both have fierce Julia Roberts hair.

There's Hannington again, with my nephew, Donald. He is really nice, and soft like feathers because she puts Moroccan oil in his fur.

This is Donald in his bowl. HE. LOVES. IT.

One afternoon after church, we decided to go see a movie. To kill some time before heading to the theater, we decided to go walk around the mall. Like older folks that wear sweatsuits. Driving through the parking lot, I spotted puppies in the only patch of grass on the vicinity. And we had to hold them.

THEY ARE PERFECT. Walker coonhounds. Look at that wrinkly long neck! (On the pups, not on Bryan....bahahaha)

Fun fact: Bryan recently advised me that on one of our first dates, he thought I had food stuck in my teeth. HOW ROMANTIC. NOPE, that's my gap. And no, he's not the first person to think it. IT'S A GAP, IT'S A GAP!


I'm pretty sure this is totally illegal. I'm also pretty sure that this is the most serious romantic face anyone could ever make. Human or animal. Dang, Nala.

I can't lie to you guys. The Circle of Life was great, but the glasses kind of gave me a headache and the 3-D wasn't everything I'd hoped for. It might be because I saw it at the Omnimax a few years ago and I don't think there's anything that could top that.

There were a lot of really vocal children in the theater, and I actually thought "Who brought their kids to this?" And then remembered I was watching a cartoon, and I take The Lion King way too seriously. Also, does anyone else watch the movie and think every time (SPOILER ALERT) that MAYBE THIS TIME MUFASA WON'T DIE?

I went to Lexington for a special party. A wine and cheese party. Fancy much? Apparently all of us thought, "to be fancy means to bring a baked brie." Because that's what most of us brought. It doesn't matter how many brie wheels there are, I will eat all of them.

The party was to celebrate this gem. Not only did she recently celebrate a birthday, but she's doing big things. She's moving to California to be a part of an awesome story for God's kingdom. It's exciting, and scary, and beautiful. I'm going to miss her like I would miss all of my ribs if they were gone (ew? I needed a dramatic loss) but I am excited for her new adventure.

When Reid and Bryan met for the first time, they were wearing the exact same shorts. And every encounter since then has shown them to make very similar fashion choices. Here, Reid discovered my iPhone case.


The Vampire Weekend song has this amazing ability to be stuck in my head ALL THE TIME. Except, I didn't even know what Horchata is. Until I saw this next to the tortillas in the Mexican aisle and realized it was time to try it. I can confirm that it tasted like someone had thrown in a pack of Big Red gum in a cold glass of watery milk. I can also confirm that I almost gagged and then disposed of it. I found this recipe, though. I know it has the possibility of being great. Just don't buy that version. Ew.

Whew, what a recap. If you made it this far and are dissatisfied with the amount of photos I took of animals, or were bored out of your mind, let me know and I will refund you the money that I pay you to read this blog.


  1. loved it! and you!! seriously - i loved seeing all those pictures of my favorite girls. have fun at laurel's wedding. love you!!

  2. Fran, I'm a friend of Amy H. and somehow a while back stumbled upon your blog from her FB page. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your style of writing - either you have an exciting life or you're able to make ordinary things/days into interesting and adventuresome. Probably both. Keep it up!

    Also, where might I find a fishbowl big enough for a cat to fit in? Because my cat Pistachio would immensely enjoy being in one and I would really enjoy carrying her around in one.


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