Travel Treats + Essentials


The need to know.

The goods.

The stuff that dreams are made of.

Or, just things that I've found are good to consider for traveling.

  • Ah, the shampoo bar! Though it looks scary, it's effective and gives some great va-va voom for those that like big Dallas hair like I do. It's within the liquid restrictions, it's logistically efficient, and it's just the right amount of weird. There's a travel tin that makes it even better.

  • DRY SHAMPOO. Changes everything. It isn't good for your scalp to wash it every day - it's actually drying out your scalp and overcompensating by producing more oil. Stay strong. The dry shampoo gets you through the awkward phase. But I like this because when I have to wake up before 4 in the morning, I want to get ready in under fifteen minutes. I've tried a bunch of different brands, but Batiste is my favorite. Pssssst is great, too - but I think it's ideal for blondes.

  • The City Flat: The perfect travel shoe (lightweight, and they fold up). I have a pair in my bag for my layovers, and I wear a black pair when I am on the plane. They offer zero support, but for the sake of space I keep them for now. They come in a million colors - don't pay full price for them. It's a bit ridiculous. Thankfully, there are always some on sale.

  • The Minimergency Kit for Her: Remember when I flew with Erika, my Miyagi? She had this. I don't have this, and I'm still not entirely sure why. I have this strong affinity for tiny things as it is - BUT LOOK AT EVERYTHING THAT IS IN IT. 

For all the smart phone users:

  • Have you ever had some time to kill in the airport and you're hungry and not sure of your options? GateGuru is one of my favorite apps. The location service pulls up your current airport and then lists every concourse. Choose the concourse you're in, and it lists every restaurant or shop, with the accompanying gate number.

  • FlightTrack: This was worth every penny for me. It may not be a great benefit to you if you aren't a frequent flyer, but it's fascinating, nonetheless. It keeps track of your entire itinerary, shows your immediate location, connecting gate information, and even shows airplane configurations to let you know how your seat is in the grand scheme of things.

  • Work it out! With Nike Training Club. Hey, and while you're at it - please, help me to work it out. Shoot. I have free gym access at almost every hotel! I don't understand the disconnect.

  • Should you find yourself on a particularly long flight, you can connect to the plane's wifi and chat with other WhatsApp users. Helpful for those that don't wish to be out of touch for too long. The screenshot I've included doesn't really display anything useful about the app, but I had to include it because Klaus Daimler seems like a fun dude.

Other things to consider:
  1. Bring a cardigan, sweater, sweatshirt, cape, etc. (I am trying to stress the importance of insulation, here). Sometimes we run out of blankets on the airplane. Sometimes the temperature is hard to control.
  2. Drink excessive amounts of water. You should be drinking an extra glass of water for every hour you are in flight. Keep in mind, that drinking carbonated beverages will probably make you bloated. You're basically inside a giant two-liter in the sky.
  3. Do not touch your flight attendants. If I get hit in the butt with one more newspaper...THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN (<--Please watch this. It's only 21 seconds, and it will make your life).

What are your travel treasures? Tell me!