"What has been your favorite layover so far?"

I immediately think of the hotels with the most fantastic beds. The novelty of plush hotel stays has not worn off yet - obviously.

I don't ever include Barcelona. It just seems a given that international layovers would be anyone's favorite.

For whatever reason, it always took me a few moments to respond. That was before I got to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

My heart starting beating a little faster when I saw it from the port hole window. While I have a deep appreciation for both, I can say confidently I prefer the mountains to the sea.

The airport is so small that there aren't any jetways -- everyone boards and deplanes from the stairs, and walks out to this view:

from the hotel.
Our layover was twelve hours and with our surrounding area seemingly remote, we walked outside to take some photos and head into the town square for some dinner.

The air was completely absent of humidity, and our sweaters were welcomed without feeling like it wasn't enough.

We took a wrong turn at some point and took a more scenic route to get into town. We noticed a great deal of lights up ahead and some noise over a loud speaker. There was a rhythmic clicking of sturdy shoes on the sidewalk behind us as we realized someone was trying to pass.

I turned to see a young woman clad in a strong denim jacket and cowboy boots. She had long brown hair and a happy face that you'd wish for in all strangers. 

"Do you have any idea what's going on over there?" We asked.

"That? Well, that's the Jackson Hole Rodeo! It's late enough now that if you wanted to get in, I bet you could for free!" she said, warmly.

A rodeo? In Wyoming on a Friday night? We proceeded with bouncing and exclamation at the unexpected adventure ahead. 

I've never had the opportunity to go to a rodeo before. It felt like the whole town was there and knew each other. 

We got swept up in the dust, bull riding, cowboy hats, and cheering. The remaining time passed quickly, and it was sad to see it end and the bleachers begin to clear.

It wasn't too sad, though -- if you'll notice the lights off in the distance:


We scarfed hot dogs at the rodeo before we headed over the get on this ride. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

Jodie and I in line for the Zipper. The ride operator seemed to fancy her and decided to  flip our basket around about twenty times before letting the ride run an extra five minutes longer than they normally do. I was feeling awesome. And was really glad I wore a dress. 

Even if you do feel like ralphing, funnel cake is mandatory at any carnival visit.

"Flight attendants are a lot like carnies. We live out of a suitcase, and we're only in town for a few days."  -Jodie

We were all pretty tired for the flight back the next day, but it was totally worth it.

Go to Wyoming, she's pretty.


  1. aw jon and i talk about going to jackson all the time..someday :)


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