Boy Meets Girl, Boy Meets City

Because I've chosen to share eight million pictures and I feel confident it will lose the attention of many, I will keep it simple.

There's a boy I like. He likes me back. We are going steady. (People should say that more). And we had an extravaganza-adventure type date in which he came to visit The Gargantuan Apple for the first time.

Is it possible to see almost every major tourist attraction of New York City in less than 48 hours? We definitely tried. There were moments when it felt like we were on The Amazing Race (why did I wear ballet flats?) There were moments when, trapped in the humidity of the summer heat, it felt like we were walking through a dishwasher while it was running (A scarf, Fran? Really?)

But it was lovely.

(The photos are unfortunately not in chronological order, because Blogger almost made me lose my mind, up in here).


On the Express Bus into Manhattan. (No Brian the Bus Driver to be found).

Bryan in Bryant Park! How fitting. We arrived just in time for Broadway in Bryant Park. Here, the cast of Hair is performing. 

The New York Public Library. It smells like books, and heaven.

Does anyone else want to become a librarian right now?

"My name's Copper. I'm a hound dog." <--you won't regret it.

Can I be honest? That giant M&M store smells like old chocolate that someone forgot in their pocket. But yes, the walls of dispensers are pretty.

Did the 30 Rock theme song play in anyone else's head as soon as they saw this?

This little girl was enjoying it enough for everyone. Even though Bryan was disappointed he could not join the eighty other kids on the Big Piano.

Okay, it wasn't really eighty kids...


Some day, my friends. We will eat eucalyptus together and take a nap.

"I'm a chick magnet!" - Oh man.


This was my attempt to get a picture of the bull without people in it. UNsuccessful. 

Seven dollars for delicious street ice cream. Yep, that's almost TEN dollars. But it's  so many sprinkles! And TWO stacks. 

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park. Bigger than Brake's head.


"Can I get your name for the cup?"

Or... Grand.

(This was also around the time we walked out of SoHo and hit Canal Street in Chinatown. I hit the proverbial wall and decided if I could not sit in air conditioning or drink caffeine or be away from ten thousand people, I might lose my mind, up in here)

GRAY'S PAPAYA. So, so delicious. I had to make sure the papaya juice was photographed in its opaque styrofoam cup.

This. Is what EVERYONE does. And loves it. And I don't understand.


Washington Square Park

Planking in the New York Public Library. Good form.

Central Park.

 will you be true?

til life is up?
be the one i adore
oh, you're the one i adore
-the black keys


  1. omg Grand, I mean did put like a gazillion pictures on there! (and I loved every one.)

  2. I have to agree with my (now long lost!) friend Susannah, I loved every single picture.

    My favorite is obvs the raccoon climbin' in yo trashcans and snatchin' yo garbage up.


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