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I am honored and blessed to have a small family in New York, when I am away from my other family in Kentucky.

Nancy and I are roommates once in a while, when I am in between trips. We talk about cab drivers and how they aren't like they used to be, and animals, and drive by shootings, and how embarrassed we are that we continue to watch The Bachelorette---even when we feel we are quickly losing precious brain cells.

Her daughter, Krista, has also been an invaluable friend to me when the city seemed so big and my life seemed so far away. They both make me laugh. And they both saved the day this year when I experienced the world's most disastrous birthday.

One important thing to know about all three of us is that we share a deep and passionate love for great food.

Every year, the city that never sleeps throws an ongoing food bash: Restaurant Week.

I had a few days off, and our schedules aligned and I was able to attend with them.

It's a week when hundreds of restaurants that most could never afford offer a three or four course meal for $35. Under normal circumstances, that still seems like a lot. BUT. Not for New York. And not for ridiculous amounts of really delicious culinary masterpieces.

It's a week when common people like us can put on our Sunday best and pretend we belong to country clubs. A week when your palette is graced with flavors you didn't know existed. And you wonder how you'd lived so long eating such ordinary food.

Our restaurant of choice:
City Lobster
While I tried to document every beautiful moment, I left my nice camera at home. I mean, I had to try and pretend I had eaten at a restaurant before. I feel my paparazzi lens may have distracted from me trying to make that point. So, iPhone had to do.

My beautiful dates.
Seafood isn't seafood without Old Bay.

First up, the appetizer:
Baked Mid-Atlantic Oysters and Crabmeat Rockefeller
Doesn't it just sound amazing? I am pretty sure I kept saying things like, "I don't even understand what I am eating, but it is so delicious and I will never be the same." I could never be a food critic. Because instead of finding a way to describe it, I just turn it into a dramatic monologue of mostly adjectives.

*Update: Here's a recipe. A little more of an ingredient rundown. Pretty classy.

Main Course (for me): 

Grilled Certified Angus New York Strip 
(with chopped spinach and smashed potatoes. That's right. 'Smashed' potatoes. Not mashed).

I rarely eat steak. I live around a great deal of cows, and sometimes I have a hard time getting past the fact that they are kind and have really beautiful eyelashes. Not to mention, they cry and yell when they are separated from their babies. Yep. Now I want to be a vegetarian.

For the ladies:

Varying Desserts Amongst the Table:

Key Lime Pie. Made from key limes. Very tiny and adorable.

Peach & Blackberry Shortcake.

Restaurant week for us? Huge success.

We finished with tighter pants and had a hard time walking out of the place.

The great news? 

It has been extended through September.


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