By and large, flight attendants like to explore on layovers. For those that find sleep and rest delicious, and still aren't tired of hotel rooms, they are so lovingly dubbed as 'slam clickers.' You know, because you slam your door shut, and lock the door and don't come out until being picked up the next day.

So what does one do on a layover when every flight is delayed due to weather, and you are trapped for hours on the runway with a tiny plane full of middle schoolers on their way back to Iowa?

You never leave the hotel room, and you order breakfast in bed. Slam, and click. ENJOY.



  1. I <3 'Slam Clickers'... I always thought that expression was something Tom made up. Alas, I have confirmation that it actually exists. It sounds divine to be anywhere by myself for a few hours :)

  2. Oh, girl. I want you to experience it some day. It's divine :)


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