There are some obvious perks to this job.

For instance:

  • The opportunity to get away with giant Dallas newscaster hair without being a newscaster.
  • Traipsing through security to one's heart's content without liquid restrictions on beloved toiletries.
  • An unlimited supply of peanuts, beverages, and transparent blankets.
....Oh, and flying anywhere in the world. Fo free.
In training, I lived in a small dorm for seven weeks with a stranger that quickly became one of my great friends. She was a Spanish speaker, and a baby flight attendant, just like me. She was also very gracious toward me when I woke us both with screamingin my sleep night terrors during emergency week. We got along perfectly, and woke up each morning to this song. Because if that song doesn't start your day right, I'm not sure what will. Her name was Andrea, and we were meant to be friends:

Everything was new to us, and at the end of the day we'd often find ourselves talking about the job and the places we'd love to see.

While Andrea spoke of exotic far off places, I quickly shouted: "SEATTLE!"

Yes, of all places I could think of visiting intheentireworld, Seattle was the first and only that came to mind. And then she made fun of me. And rightfully so.

Right next door to Andrea and I, was another dear friend named Sarah. I met Sarah on our second day. And quickly blurted out after learning her name that I believed her to be a potentially separated twin of Jillian from The Bachelorette, whom most people don't know. And then I was embarrassed. But she was still my friend.

Sarah was the first and only person I had met that lived in Alaska. She even showed me photos of moose that show up in her back yard.

One day, our schedules aligned and we realized that it was time to travel somewhere for a day. Just because we could, and just because we hadn't yet.


We got to Seattle late in the evening on a Friday night, and did not stop seeing Seattle until Sarah jumped on a plane back to Alaska and I pretended to fall asleep on the red eye back to JFK.

And here, the makings of a day:

First stop? Sisters (for breakfast).

Sophie. A new friend we met at Sisters.

The breakfast. Fresh focaccia, fried egg, avocado, prosciutto, and provolone. YES.

We stopped by The Creamery for farm fresh raw milk. And it was chocolate.

Flowers wrapped in paper. There are few things I love more.

This man is accompanied by his hat, and his two cats: Cubby and some other name that I forgot. They receive fresh halibut on their food each day and they also received one of my dollars even though he was probably scamming.

Musicians outside the first Starbucks.

A very tiny dog that would not be still. And that girl has cute flats. And I can't remember the name of the breed. I think it starts with an 'S,' but even when I googled 'dog breeds that start with an S,' I was unsuccessful.

Dinner at The Crab Pot. Such a fun atmosphere. I love seafood, but eventually I started to struggle with the fact that I was ripping off limbs and crushing them with a hammer and then I suddenly lost my appetite.

My very first macarons. I haven't stopped thinking about them since.

Go to Seattle.

Eat a lot of food.

Walk a lot. But not too fast, or you might get sick from all of the food that you just ate.

Here is the only proof that Sarah and I were there together:

Wonderful day.


  1. Ability to identify dog breeds based solely on the photo of the backs of their heads? Yes. I think it might be this!

    I miss your face, but I love reading about your adventures!

  2. i remember when ya'll planned this trip!! yay! :)

  3. I am so excited that you had some macarons! they are like eating Beauty. Can one eat an idea? Yes.

  4. So I saw this post title and was really hoping it was about south east asia! You should come visit me. Bring Bryan (or anyone who doesn't mind the long flight). There's an extra room at my dad and step-mom's house and they love company!


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