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The Birth Story of Margot Garcia

I woke up early the morning of my 39 week appointment. My ankles were freshly swollen (and I marveled at how far I'd made it without swelling, as I had a lot earlier in my previous pregnancies). Bryan and I were in a frenzy to get the kids dressed and fed and out the door to meet my mother-in-law so I could drive up to my OB appointment. I looked especially puffy, but I didn't think much of it since looking like an uncomfortable stuffed sausage is par for the pregnant course for me. Some women glow, and I just usually look like a tired gorilla by the end! When I made it up to the office, I went about the usual routine -- pee in the cup (and all over my hand -- WHY IS IT SO HARD), and then come out to the scale to see how much weight I'd gained (six pounds in a week?) and then check my blood pressure (so high that the nurse got wide eyes and decided not to tell me the number). Just a week prior, none of these things had been an issue. The weight gain and the blood pressure

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